Red Tailed Hawk- Spread Your Wings & Trust Yourself

I received this communication from a spectacular red-tailed hawk on July 26th 2008. The hawk circled 4 times 20 feet above my head, then soared further and further up into the sky.

I remember that I had a lot of things on my mind that day (don’t ask me what, thankfully I have since forgotten them all!) but I do remember having worry, doubts and feelings of being overwhelmed coming up.

As he was flying this is a communication that I received…

“You need to see things from another perspective, you needed to get away from the situation so that you can focus and see clearly, yes, it was indeed a good idea to go for a walk.”
“What should I do?” I said.
The hawk went on “Look at things in your life from on high, try to gain flight and trust that the wind will carry you to where you need to go.”

“Trust, yes that IS a bit of a challenge of late” I said.
The hawk continued.. “I trust, you must learn to trust, not only in the Creator, that is not a problem for you. You need to trust in YOURSELF and what YOU can accomplish and achieve. You said that the Wakan Tanka part of you (I say this when I do my morning greeting of the day).

But you also said that YOU are part of WANKAN TANKA, that was truth! THAT is why we are here.”(I learned a few weeks later what he meant by this statement).
My hawk teacher then said “You are ready to go to the next stage, but if you want to get to the next stage, you must know that to doubt, to worry, to regress to fear, is to doubt yourself, but in doing so you doubt the Creator, you fear the Creator and you worry what the Creator will do. Since we are all connected and a part of the Creator, then you doubt all.”

Suddenly, I felt a door opening somewhere in my mind, I understood! Immediately all those other feelings left me and I felt happy, elated and free! I felt like I was flying, I told how I felt to my hawk teacher.
He then said to me….

“Envision yourself flying when you start to doubt or worry.

That is what the Eagles were telling you when you were kayaking last week on the Lake. Spread your wings and jump, feel yourself flying and trusting and knowing that you will be ok no matter what. Let yourself go and take your power and your strength and fly with them.”

I never forgot that day and what that wonderful being taught me. I now pass on this knowledge to you.
Mitakuye Oyasin (We Are ALL Related)

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  1. Hi Coryelle, Thank you so much for this communication with the hawk. It truly lifted my spirits. I have always felt that the red-tailed hawk was my spirit guide so his message was very significant to me. Thank you so very much for all you do for our animal friends. The kitties at C.A.T.S., Inc. are so thankful for your visit. We now have fresh catnip and I am more aware of their talking to me. We love you! You are the greatest! Jane, Teddy, and the cats!

  2. Hello Jane!
    I am so very happy that this post uplifted oyu so much. That is waht it truly is all about.
    You and the cats and Teddy the dog are all very very wlecome. I look foward to seeign you all again in the spring. YOU my dear are the greatest with the wonderful work you di with the animals. see that by going to

    Much Love & Happiest of Holidays!

  3. Hello Coryelle,
    Thank you for sharing your experience and spiritual insight. I live where red tailed hawks fly and land where I can see them. One night I had a dream of opening my front door and there was a red tailed hawk about 10 feet tail standing there looking straight at me. I remember waking with a calm but questioning feeling. So thank you, you have answered the questions.
    Peace and Love

  4. Hi Lani,
    What a wonderful and powerful dream that you have had! I read it and I got chills, I saw so clearly your hawk standing there in front of you.
    The hawk Standing and not flying in front of you is a VERY powerful sign, I think that in your dream since she was standing she was representing the inner you, and what a more expressive and beautiful representation is hard to find.
    I am SO glad that you shared this here with us. Thank you so much for commenting.
    Mitakuye Oyasin

  5. I am deeply grateful for your message and sharing. I was in a beginning shaman group in California some years ago and in the circle a man told me that he felt my animal spirit was the red tailed hawk. I will ask for a dream to help me connect with this great spirit presence. I feel drawn to birds flying high above and immediately sense the call to see the bigger picture and release tension.

  6. Hi Jean,
    Thanks for commenting.
    I am very glad that the message form Hawk resonated with you and that you enjoyed the post.
    It was a truly powerful experience for me and knew that hawk wanted it shared for others to learn
    from and find resonance with. You feel drawn to flying because you are very much vibrating your energy at that high (literally high) level. So keep it up and let your spirit soar whenever you can.

  7. My beloved dog died yesterday unexpectedly. About 1/2 hour later as I was grieving with all of my heart, a large hawk flew down and landed on my driveway. It looked at me, squawked and then flew up and away. I am in so much pain since I lost my dog. What could be the significance of the hawk? I have never experienced that before. I am hoping my dog somehow was trying to tell me she is okay. 

  8. Heidi,
    First I’m very sorry that your darling dog transistioned unexpectedly, that must have been incredibly difficult for you. But the experience you had with hawk was an incredible gift and very profound. First it’s very rare that they would come “down to earth” so to speak unless they were hunting, so that let’s me know that this message is very important. To we native american people hawk is the messenger of the Creator (god). I believe that you’re absolutely correct, that your dog WAS letting you know that she’s not only ok but will always be with you. I also think that the dramatic way the hawk came to you is to let you know that even though a being may lose their physical body that they are still around, and that there truly is no such things as death. Only a moving of energy from one place to another.
    I truly send you love and hope that this has somehow helped you, and I wish you all the best.

  9. Hello Thank you for your story, I came looking for it, there it was. I have been given a red tailed hawks feather as a gift and have spoke to and meditated with the hawk to learn to hunt. This hawk, gave me the name Margret, she is with me alot. She flys into me from the side, always when I’m driving. She will land hard on a branch or medium on the road or on a telephone pole! It’s very exciting when she is right beside me. I asked her where she was one day, she buzzed my front windshield, I saw her so clearly. Today she came out of the trees from my left and flew straight at my windshield, I had to almost completely stop my car, she insisted! I had just left my house and was traveling about 40 miles an hour. She looked straight at me and did a u turn, her eys stayed on me, she went back to the tree. I came looking for insight! She usually is letting me know I’m part of it all and protected, I think! This was a smaller hawk today! Thank you

  10. Wow Melena, what a beautiful experience, there is nothing quite like having a hawk stare you right int he eyes. I had that happen and it’s just a fantastic feeling. Thank you for sharing your hawk guide with me.
    with joy,

  11. HI, my name is Mackenzie.
    Lately I have been seeing red tailed hawks left and right. The first time I witnessed a hawk was when I sent a balloon up to one of the teachers, from sandy hook on her exact birthday, and a hawk flew right beside me and shocked me, out loud I said “OMG thats a hawk” I have never seen one that close before, I assume that was her letting me know she got my message. Ever since then I have been sending her a balloon when her birthday comes, the second time, one was right near my car in an almost stopped motion. “maybe saying it will be alright.” or thank you. It almost looked like a sparkle in midair.
    Then last week I was heading to school feeling upset, thinking about moving one day or leaving here, and I parked under a tree. It was almost unreal. I felt like the tree was going to fall on my car, I looked up and three red tailed hawks flew out and flew over my car and wouldn’t leave, until I at least felt like I was okay of whatever I was feeling. They were screaming at me, I believe the creator or universe was trying to tell me something, but that day was so overwhelming seeing them all at once, I couldn’t tell what the message was. I looked on the ground seeing if they left me a message somewhere but nothing was there. it was just them. They were loud screaming and almost looked upset. I new they were trying tell me something,
    I had to go on with my day, but ill never forget that day. They were about five feet above my head.

  12. Mackenzie those are very strong and very powerful experiences that Hawk gave to you, thank you so much for sharing them here. They are very strong and intense and fierce totem animals; to have one so close to you is indeed an honor. In the Spirit Guide Discovery readings that I do i connect to your guide and ask them to relay their messages to you through me. I also give you techniques to help you connect to and hear their messages as well. Many blessings to you

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