Instant Manifestation

Falcon shows me that I'm worthy

I wanted to share this with you. This morning I felt unworthy of my life, I wasn’t centered in who I am and because of that I felt less than, ugly and unworthy of the wonderful things in my life.

When I feel like this I know for me it’s time to ground, so I went outside stood barefoot in the grass, feeling the earth beneath my feet and envisioning roots coming out of my foot going into the earth.

Then I began my morning prayers meditation, and I thought about what I was going to say the thought came to ask the Universe for help, help to find my worth, and my beauty again.

So I began and said “I ask the Universe to help me, help me to find my worthiness……” Before I could say anything more a Falcon flew from a tree to my left and soared, no more than a foot directly over my head and then sailed off into the mountain in front of me.

I felt her energy as she passed over me, I heard her wings catching the wind as she passed and I felt worthy of the incredible gift that I had just been given. I immediately smiled and said “Thank you Universe.”

Then my twin flame Aaron appeared and he held my face in his hands and he said “Look at me” I looked into his green eyes and he then said” Do you trust me?” I said yes, he said “do you know that I love you?” I said yes, he said “Then hear me with your whole heart and being when I say are the most beautiful person in the world to me; your kindness and beauty show in the depths of your eyes and your soul shines through, you are beautiful inside and beautiful outside, never doubt that.”

There’s nothing like a little instant manifestation to help get that worthiness and self-love flowing.

I wanted to share this because we all feel unworthy sometimes, and when we do we don’t feel our magnificence. But if this amazing moment taught me anything it’s that we are SO loved, we are SO worthy and we are beautiful! And anything LESS than that? Well, it’s nothing less than a lie.

Blessings and love to you.