2008 The Animals & People that changed my life

As I am writing this I really have no Idea what will come out. Right at this moment as I think of the year 2008 and I am awestruck and so appreciative for some many beings that have been and are in my life.

I truly do feel like a butterfly that at the beginning of this year was in a cocoon and as the year progressed grew more and more and then slowly made her way out.

Now I am spreading my wings and ready for the wind to catch me to take me wherever I need to go. This year has had many changes and what I like to call challenges. February my best cat friend of 15 years transitioned. It was a loving time (Please see my post: (“A Lesson from my Cat friend and teacher PC…No Regrets“).

In June during a visit back home, my mother transitioned suddenly (also see the post “My Mother“).

Finally in August, my other cat friend of 22 years Socrates transitioned also. He was a wonderful friend and he also taught me so much that I want to share in another post. My career as an Animal Communicator has taken off and I am loving every single minute of it. I know they are all happy and I see them all together and joyful.

The challenge is not really the transitioning part, it is dealing with them not physically being there. I was smart enough to make a recording of PC purring shortly before she died, she had a wonderful, gentle and healing purr. I listen to this recording whenever I need to, it is a wonderful way to feel like my friend is right next to me again.

The opportunities in my life now are opened and unlimited, they always were but now I just see it more clearly then I did before.

So many wonderful beings that I have been blessed to know and the friends and family that held me up during this year and past years when I really did not think I could go through another challenge. You are all gifts to me. I thank each and every one of you that I am sharing and have shared my life with.

2008 was a wonderful year and year of changes, challenges meeting new friends, making new opportunities, growth, laughs a lot of laughter, tears, and joy incredible, wonderful, delicious joy!

I am excited what I will, what we ALL will create in 2009.

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