K. Reese & A. Mourning

Coryelle has an innate ability to connect and communicate with our pets.  She gives them a voice, so that we can understand what they are thinking, how they are feeling, what type of personality they have, and how we can give them and their humans the best quality of life together. 
In particular, Coryelle has been a Godsend to us for understanding our two pets better than we ever imagined.  Especially our cat, Kirby.  We reached out to Coryelle when we thought our beautiful cat was terminally ill with brain cancer.  At least that’s what two different vets let us think.  Coryelle was able to connect with Kirby and find out that he was actually OK – no brain tumor (he ended up with a vestibular eye issue)!!  Coryelle gave him some amazing energy healing, clearing of his chakras and shadow healing, and her additional communication helped to heal Kirby back to a healthy cat.  We truly feel that Coryelle saved Kirby and also saved us from having to say goodbye to him too early. 
Through Coryelle’s connection with Kirby, she was also able to help us stop his unruly behavior of urinating outside of the litter box.  We now have a healthy and happy, calm kitty!  And we can’t forget about our precious Border Collie mix, Sierra.  Coryelle has been able to get us on track with helping our anxious dog to feel much calmer and grounded. 
We are now continuing our sessions with Coryelle and absolutely every session has been beneficial.  We highly recommend Coryelle for any health or behavioral issues with your pet(s), or just getting to know/understand your pet so you can provide the best quality of life for them.