Constanze, Munich Germany

Coryelle was recommended to me by a friend and she practically saved my beloved dog Luna and me. When I reached out to Coryelle, Luna and I were at the end of our ropes. Luna was scared of basically everything we encountered outside: humans, dogs, objects. As a result, she would bark at everything and everyone approaching us. She was highly reactive, particularly on the leash. I had not been doing well with my physical health and therefore felt like I wasn’t a good match to what she needed: someone strong and calm who could easily protect her from her fears. It got to the point where I was scared of going on walks with her because I knew they would become highly stressful for both Luna and me. 

After a first session with Coryelle, I was convinced she would be able to help us. Due to previous judgmental reactions of other dog owners and people in general towards Luna and me, there was a lot of shame and sadness in me  – Coryelle made it clear that I didn’t have to be ashamed and that we would find a solution, that she was certain we could be a great dog-human-team.
I booked a few sessions with her, from session to session I wrote into what I call my “dog diary” to make sure we followed Coryelle’s instructions and to see what was already going easier. Within the first couple of weeks I already saw a huge improvement! And I always looked forward to hearing what Coryelle would tell me after she communicated with Luna. It helped the us tremendously to form a stronger bond with one another. 
By the time our sessions were over, our walks were so different! Luna seemed less scared and certainly was less reactive to her environment, I felt much more confident. I started to love our walks again, it became a huge joy to be out with her and experience things together. We have had a few smaller setbacks since then but with what I have learned from Coryelle in our sessions, I now have a way to deal with difficult situations much better. And I know Luna so much better. We truly have become a great team.
I can highly recommend Coryelle to anyone who thinks that they have tried everything and nothing works. Because that’s where I was: I was about to accept that Luna and I would just have to be miserable, and then my friend recommended her. Everything has changed since and it can change for you too! I will be forever grateful for Coryelle’s wonderful way to communicate with and care for animals. She is compassionate, often made me laugh when I thought I wouldn’t be able, and she just knows her stuff about animals. And honestly about us humans too. She didn’t just heal Luna, she also healed me.
Thank you, Coryelle!