a Kitten Meditation

This wonderful meditation/writing is from one of my students and a loyal reader, I loved it so much I had to put it up right away. She received if from her 2 kittens Sarg & Heidi.

Animals are such amazing teachers and they have great senses of humor too!



Now sit quietly in a nice comfy big chair, relax your head, your shoulder, arms, legs and feet.
Listen to the soft music playing in the background, it might be a nice piece with birds chirping,
the sound of a big beautiful waterfall or of rain hitting the windows softly.

You sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing, your chest rises up and down slowly but steadily and you concentrate on your breathing.

You think of a nice safe place with beautiful flowers, trees and the
Sun is just setting over of the trees.

As you look into the distant and hear the ocean feel the sand between your toes, you know you’re not alone.
Then you hear the pitter patter of little feet coming closer, you don’t pay attention to them because they’re not important to you, you think of a wonderful sunset, the breeze on your face and the smell of the ocean fill your lungs

Then you feel the little paws, now you know they’re not in the scene but they are.
You hear “Here we are, what are you doing? Are you asleep?, Why are your eyes closed?”
“If your eyes are closed, is it time for bed? Why are you breathing funny Mom?”
You’re supposed to play with us, Right? I hear the birds, where are the birds? do you see them?
“We’re over here Mom, no we’re over here now, see us?” As you feel them touch your leg, then you arm and then your shoulder.

Mom I’m over here now, as they run up and down the nice comfy chair you’re sitting in.
As you try to get back into thinking about the wonderful ocean and smell the ocean breeze, you smell the aroma of beef and tuna from above your shoulder.

Trying to concentrate and picture yourself walking on the beach again you sense the feeling you are still not alone, but it’s not a guide or a relative you might want to talk to, it’s the feeling of a paw on your forehead seeing if your eyes will move or maybe to check if your dead.

You hear one say “I know she’s alive I can see her chest move and hear her breathe”. “Thank God!”, the other says. “if she was dead who would change our little box or feed us or even make your home happy again.”

You try not to smile or laugh for then they got you.

But then you move an eyelid and your nice wonderful place you have created that has taken many hours of work or years of dedication to your craft is all over with one PAW on the nose.

You know then it’s time, it’s time to play and the meditation you worked so hard on, the wonderful peaceful place you created will have to wait for later or another day because it’s kitty meditation time and that’s play time.

So, with your eyes open and your mind back from the ocean you smile and wiggle your toes and hands and it is time.

Time to meditate with the kittens!

Signed Sarg & Heidi

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