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  • Natural Pet Care: Flower Essences
    For those who don’t know, I am a BIG cheerleader for natural healing modalities and one of my favorites are flower essences.
  • Coryelle’s Recent Third Interview on Coast to Coast AM
    George Norry and I discuss the fascinating topic of animal reincarnation. I’ve discovered that so many animals are reincarnating back to their people in this lifetime,, find out why. Listen to the show on the Coast to Coast AM. Listen … Read more
  • How To Choose The Right Pet & Special Session Package Now Available To New Clients
    Kitten Season Is Here. Kittens need help.Mommy cats leave their babies in some of the strangest places, so please be aware if you have abandoned cars or buildings near you, or any other places that a mama cat might think is “safe” and quiet. Check … Read more
  • Flower Essence: Rescue Remedy Uses
    What is Rescue remedy? How does it work? How do you give it to your animals? This show will answer all those questions and more.
  • Demanding Pet Solutions
    Today’s show is about the story of my own cat Tau (Tah-oo) and how he helped paved the way for me to discover the Animal Dynamics®. I’ll also be discussing how a combination of the Dynamics and the Charka Touches … Read more
  • Bullying pet solutions
    Meet Archer and Cupid. I call them the Goat Boyz. 😃 Their person contacted me because Archer was severely aggressive towards his brother Cupid, keeping him from eating from he trough. Archer would also keep his brother away from the … Read more