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Kirby: Cat

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Soul Pieces are my intuitively painted artwork.

It’s when I connect to a person, an animal or a guide and paint their essence; the paintings are a piece of their soul, and their soul is a Master Piece (hence why I call them “Soul Pieces”™)

Pieces for Animals (Living & in Spirit)

They are a wonderful way to commemorate what your animal brings or has brought into your life than to commission a Soul Piece.

A Soul Piece is a sincere expression of the deep love you and your animal share, it also can help deepen your relationship even more because a person can see messages from their animal in each and every piece.

The are not simply art, they are Pieces of their Soul where they express many things. From their immense love for you, their life’s journey and purpose, their strength, joy, even their sense of humor.

No matter what, a Soul Piece painting will bring a smile to your face and to your heart.

Pieces for People

I can paint a soul of a person living or in spirit.

I can also paint the essence of any Spirit Guide that you may feel drawn to.

Perhaps there’s a Goddess of the Divine Feminine, or a God of the Divine Masculine or an Angel or an Animal Spirit Guide that you feel particularly drawn to?

A Soul Pieces painting will be a physical manifestation of those beings that bring you joy, happiness and connection. It’s a deeply profound way of honoring them and celebrating your relationship and what they bring or brought into your life.

Some Things To Know About Soul Piece Paintings

  1. All my Pieces are painting intuitively from the brushes to the strokes I use to the color that call to me. Everything is painted using my gifts of intuition and creativity.
  2. A Piece is what it will be. I cannot use colors that you want, only those colors which a Piece is calling me to use. So please do not order a Piece if you don’t want to trust that it will be perfect and the colors will be as they should be.
  3. No two paintings are alike.
  4. My Pieces can be turned or hung in any direction and because of this every time you turn a Soul Piece the messages and images in the paint changes. This means you essentially get 4 different pieces of art in one Soul Piece.
  5. Because I paint in Divine timing and never try to rush a Soul Piece it can take upwards of 12 weeks or more to receive your Piece, I learned the hard way that they do NOT like being rushed. It is simply painted when it wants to be painted. And I then give them 2-3 weeks to throughly dry. So, please do NOT order a Piece if you need it by a certain date because it may not get there in time.
  6. When your Piece is done I will send you a link to a recording where I relay what the colors, strokes and each section of the Soul Piece means. As well as giving you any messages that came through while I was painting it.
  7. After painting a Piece it will be varnished to help preserve it. When you receive it, please keep your Piece out of direct sunlight so they will last a lifetime.
  8. All Pieces are on a commissioned basis and prices depend on the size of the canvas and how many Pieces you would like.

To Commission Your Soul Piece and for sizes and prices, please fill out the

Soul Piece Inquiry form

A short example on the painting process.