Shielding: The What, Why’s & How’s


Keep unwanted and discordant energies, people and situations away


I’m empathic, which can be a blessing and a curse.
it’s a blessing because it enables me to help all my clients; both furries and and non-furries so that I can help them if there are any health issues or as a preventative way for anything issues to come to be at all.
It’s a curse because depending where I am I’m receiving information from the place itself and ALL the beings in it.

The other day I was at my healing room which is located at a lovely facility that caters to the elder community.
I was getting my room ready for a client when I began to feel extremely nervous, unstable in my body and anxious, I also began to feel uncertainty and confusion. Immediately laid down and began to meditate because when I do I’m able to look quietly inside myself and see where feelings are located in my body, why I’m feeling them in the first place and then work on releasing them.

I discovered that the feeling were lodged in the stomach and heart areas, this let’s me know that the first 3 chakras and my heart chakra were being effected. I also heard my inner guidance telling me “these feelings are not yours”. Of course! How could I forget to shield. Even though the facility is a lovely establishment it was occupied with people who have a wide range of health issues, including dementia, and I was being effected by it all.
I envisioned my shield and I immediately felt clear, calmer, and back in a receptive and positive mode. SUCH an important lesson, I hadn’t shielded in a while because with working from home and only going out to places where I’m usually with friends made me complacent. I don’t think one should shield all the time, I think experiencing life and what it brings is important, but there are times when it’s called for and incredibly helpful.

So what IS shielding?
Shielding is when you envision something or someone protecting your physical and astral bodies. A shield can be anything from a certain color, to a entity such as an angel or an animal, or it can look like walls, or any other shape you choose, after all it’s YOUR shield; the more you customize it, the more real, stronger and powerful it will be because it’s something you really believe in. There are also certain stone people who have shielding properties, crystals such as obsidian, smokey quartz, black tourmaline and hematite are great shielding and cleansing stones (but remember any crystal you get should be energetically cleanse often ESPECIALLY the one’s you use for shielding you from negativity, think about how your clothes would look if you never washed them….YUCKY!).


Shielding Techniques: Techniques that I’ve used and still use

Shielding technniques
The Bubble:

This is where I envision myself in a bubble large enough that it incorporates my entire body both physically and astrally (about 3 feet out). I use either the color of Divine White or Gold (what I call Uriel/Goddess Gold). These two colors represent transmutative power and protection for me, but you can use whatever color you like, as long as when you think of it it gives you a sense of protection. Then I set the intention that only those things for my highest and best good can get through (I don’t want to keep out the good stuff 😉 ) all other energies, emotions, people, situations cannot and will be transmutated with the light of my bubble. You can put a bubble around things as well, I put one around my car, home even around me land. I also use this one when I’m in a large crowd such as a festival, concert or event.

Intention for ANY kind of shield is SUPER important, it’s kind of like the beams in a house, it keep your shield stable and strong, it gives your shield customized directions for any and all occasions.

Next technique: The Shield itself
Once I was somewhere and discovered that someone was sending me VERY intense and discordant thoughts and energies. It was causing a disruption in my business, essentially stopping people from coming to me for readings. I envisioned a shield in front and on both sides of my booth I set the intentions that anything discordant that was being sent my way would be bounced back 10 FOLD to whomever was sending it. I felt the shields being pushed on so I used an obsidian needle that I had with me I put it on the booth table, pointing it in the direction of the person who I knew was sending me the bad juju. Within a couple of minutes I felt everything shift, the shields weren’t being pushed on and people suddenly came to my table, to sign up for readings, in fact I eventually sold out of reading time that day. This is where a shield is useful, just like it battle it’s a powerful tool to protect yourself and combined with a crystal and intention…well, you see what it can do. Use the shield when you believe discordant Use the shield technique when you want to block something that being sent your way or send it back to where it came from. the bubble is nice but in cases like what happened to me it wasn’t going to cut it.

Final Technique: Call on some kick ass help
Find a figure that represent protection or shielding for you, it could be an animal (like a black panther) or an archangel such as Michael, Ariel or my personal favorite Uriel (with his transmutative flame) It could be a Goddess like Sekamet or Diana doesn’t matter as long as they make you feel like the can bring shielding to the table, ask them to be with you and protect you and yours. If they have a color like Uriel’s golden yellow flame or Michael’s purple light see that surrounding all that you wish to shield. Don’t forget the set your intention, and also to thank whomever you called upon for coming through. Don’t take their generosity for granted or it may not be there when you need it the next time.

Whichever you choose, you can release the shield when you don’t need it anymore, or set the intention for it to do it on it’s own when it’s work is done, and it’s fading have it transmute the energies into positive (that turns negativity into positivity something that will help the world. 🙂 )


I hope that these techniques aid you enjoying life a little bit more, as they have mine.

<3 Coryelle

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