What Is Animal Communication? Sometimes It’s a Surprise

I simply love surprises!

I think that is why I enjoy being an animal communicator so much. I never know from day to day, minute to minute what wonderful gems of knowledge, wisdom and humor I will receive from the animals.

The feeling is akin to the same way I felt on Christmas morning BEFORE the presents were opened, when I still did not know what I would be getting.

It the excitement that builds up in my chest and comes out in a big burst of joy.

I am sure that there are many others that feel the same way I as I do. I just needed to write it down today, because the appreciation I feel for being put on this path is astounding and so amazing to me.

The animals give me surprises and gifts in their communications with me every single day.

What a wonderful life this is.

2 Replies to “What Is Animal Communication? Sometimes It’s a Surprise”

  1. Coryelle, Since I’ve taken your course, I love suprises also. It has opened my ability to realize what I had been missing. What I had been missing was right in front of me, MY animal friends. I know I was getting something when I would say hi to every animal I passed, but didn’t take the time for a response. That’s what I was missing the response, the SUPRISE. The answer to my Hello’s. Thanks for the experience and know I will go farther with the suprises that are all around. Thanks again friends connie

  2. Hi Connie
    You are right, taking the time out to wait for the response is often the hardest thing to do. It will get easier the more and more you do it, we just have to learn to train the mind to get quiet and patient The neat thing is that many times the feeling of surprise is not one-sided. The gift for both you AND the animal is not in the response, it is the mere ASKING of a question or the starting up of a conversation.
    They see that our saying something as simple as “Hello” directly to them as a start of many possibilities. Sometimes just saying “Hello” is enough.
    Thanks for writing!

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