How I Avoid Animals When I Drive

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When people find out that I am a Animal Communicator, many ask me “How do you feel when you are driving and hit an animal?” My reply?

“I haven’t hit an animal”. Which is usually accompanied by a look of shock. “NEVER?!” is the usual reply, “never” I say.

It has been about 19 years since I’ve had driver’s license. When I first started taking driving lessons, I received a communication/insight from my guides about what I should do every time I am in a car whether I’m the driver or not.

I’ve been doing what my guides told me ever since. I received my license in 1996, and I have had only one incident of hitting an animal and they did not die merely rolled under the car and ran to the other side of the road.

What I do:

I first before I even turn on the car I say a prayer, and it goes… “Creator, and Mother Earth please keep my four-legged (Animals) and winged brother and sisters (Birds) safely away from my car. Please help me to get to my destination..(PUT NAME OF DESTINATION HERE) safely and without incident or accident. Please help all the people that I travel with get to their destinations safely without incidents or accidents. Ho, Mitakuye Oyasin!” (Dakota Sioux for “We are all related”).

Then I do my visualizations and set my intention for a easy ride. I visualize, my favorite flowers (orange or pink Gerbera Daises) all over the car, kind of like giant stickers, both the flowers and the colors, for me bring light, happiness and protection for my trip and to my vehicle.

Then, I visualize thick beams of white (or sometimes red) light coming out the driver and front passenger doors extending out about 30 feet out or so from the sides of my car.

If I’m driving at night, I visualize and extend out the beams to about a mile from the front of the car so the animals will feel their light.

I know that the prayer that I say and the visualizations that I do work, but I also know that I have a HUGE belief system in them, so much so, to the point now that I do my prayer and visualizations, no matter what vehicle I am in, from planes, to kayaks, to snowmobiles to bicycles.

This all combined makes this strong shield for me which I use every single time I get behind the wheel, and to explain it all seems like it takes a long time but it is really just seconds.

If my visualization works for you then great! If not, then simply find something else until it becomes personal and believed to you and most important that you are comfortable with.

Safe Driving!

2 Replies to “How I Avoid Animals When I Drive”

  1. Hi there….

    I do the 3 S’s which is the short (very short) version of what you are talking about.
    When I get in my car… I think (I used to say it out loud)

    Safely – which means Safely for all
    Swiftly – which means no traffic or congestion
    Serenely – which means no tickets!! 😉

    Great articles on this website…


  2. Hello Ellie
    Short and sweet I like that. I will have to try that one also.
    I think anything that brings your focus on getting to your destination safely is worth doing. Good one, thanks for leaving it!

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