Flower Essences For Pets: Spotlight On Honeysuckle

When I first started to use flower essences, I was very much drawn to them. Something about their powerful simplicity really spoke to me. I then became a certified Flower Therapist and I have been using flower essences with my animal & human clients as well as teaching classes about the essences for the last 12 years and I love them!

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So far, I’ve put the Spotlights on, MimulusLarch, Heather, HoneysuckleCrab Apple, and Five Flower Emergency Essence. In each I talked about how these essences help to bring about re-alignment, emotional re-balancing, and Well-Being to your animal friend(s).

What are Flower Essences?

Essentially the way they work are at a being’s vibrational and emotions levels. The essences are vibrating at a higher speed and more POSITIVE level, then that of the current negative behavior. When taken, the essence opens up the blockage(s) and similar to a turning fork that is struck and put in a glass of water, re-tunes the body to the more positive vibrational level. This is bringing BACK an animal’s natural feeling of Well-Being and thus positive emotions and behaviors with it.

I have personally found that since an animal’s natural state is to be in a constant state of allowing and Well-Being and that they gravitate naturally towards nature and her healing power that results in animals are incredibly fast and can be very dramatic.

Sounds great! Where Do I Get Them?

At the bottom of this post is a link to a my online store where I sell my essence line called “Flowering Hills Essences”.

Please remember! Flower Essences are wonderful tools. However they are NOT a substitute for veterinary care. ALWAYS consult your Veterinarian on any cases dealing with your pet’s health even if you just suspect there might be a problem!

So, let’s continue to look at flower essences with putting…

The Spotlight on Honeysuckle…

Honeysuckle is  called “The Past Flower”. This particular flower deals with the ability to adapt. I often give this Bach Flower to animals who are having problems adjusting to a new routine in their lives. Honeysuckle is also great for helping animals make the adjustment to any new situations.

What are some common Honeysuckle uses?

•Adopting a new animal friend, and you want to help them adapt to the new surroundings quicker and easier.

•Your animal friend seems “Homesick” for their previous human companion

(ex: howling or whining).

•Your animal friend does a great deal of moaning in their sleep and does not seem unable to sleep restfully.

•They keep doing old patterns of behavior that are not longer warranted anymore. (Cringing, flinching, pacing, running away)

•There is a history of their coming from an abusive past, and they seem bothered or even traumatized by it.

•Your animal friend reacts suddenly and strongly to a certain type of person(s)
(small children, men or women with high voices scare them)

•Before any MAJOR change, such as:
Moving into a new home, a child leaving for college that your animal is very close to, boarding your animal and they may become “Homesick” (TIP: leave the bottle with the kennel personnel so they can give it to your animal while you are gone), Introducing a new animal into the household.
You get the picture

•Their previous owner(s) moved away or passed away.

•The animal seems to have a hard time adjusting to new routines (like a new form of riding, or going to a different dog run that they had been going to for years).

•Your new animal friend seems to be having problems adjusting to their new home or boarding situations (in cases of horses).

There are to name only a few.

Tip: Consulting your Animal Communicator to verify that these are the problems is also a good idea!


How do I give Bach Flowers to my animal friend(s)?

Normally putting the drops in the animals water works very well, and if you have a multiple animal household, don’t worry, the essences will not do anything to the other animals, unless they need it.

For small animals (cats, dogs): Give 2-3 drops in their water, from each bottle and then put new drops in whenever you change the water.

For bigger animals (Horses, Cows, Llamas, etc) anywhere from 8-16 drops on a slice of bread, or muffins have been know to work too! Or take an apple, cut it either in halves or quarters, then use a knife of stick to make small holes into each slice and then put the essences into each of the holes. That should do the trick!

If you do not notice even the SLIGHTEST of changes after a 24-72 hour period then it might mean your friend will need to try another essence.

Do you still have questions about flower essences?

Do you have more questions or are you interested in scheduling a session for your pet? Simply leave your questions by replying to this post or send me an email by using the “Contact Coryelle” form.


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3 Replies to “Flower Essences For Pets: Spotlight On Honeysuckle”

  1. Hello Coryelle
    I love the knowledge you share with regards to the flower remedies. I am giving my dog rescue remedy at the moment, really because I am not sure what to give him and rescue remedy seems to be quite general.
    I wonder if you can give me any advise? He has sore blisters that come up on his paws generally between his toes. They do eventually go down and dry out. He has a rather big one at the moment though that isn’t disappearing.
    I know it is to do with us renting a house at the moment and he is not settled and neither are we as the owner has just said she might be selling and we will have to move again.
    Can you advise a remedy for this?
    Many thanks for your time
    Best wishes
    Michelle Childerley

  2. Hi Michelle,
    First of all thank you so much for commenting and I am very happy that both you and your animal friend find my posts helpful that is why I do it!

    NEXT Whew! it sounds like you all have quite a bit going on at the moment.
    It feels to me (I’m empathic which means I feel what your animals feels) AND sounds to me like there might be a little more going on with your dog friend then is just on the surface. This could mean that your dog friend would do best with a combination of Bach Flowers and not just one. Also the blisters sound like a recurring problem.
    It could be that if he is panicked or scared one Bach Flower might help but if he has other symptoms going on that is when the combination of remedies can come into play. This is probably not going to be settled in one posting. My suggestion is to contact me (the menu at the top has the option there) and we can take it from there.
    warm regards

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