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What Heather Flower Essence Does

When I first started to use flower essences, I was very much drawn to them. Something about their powerful simplicity really spoke to me. I then became a certified Flower Therapist and I have been using flower essences with my animal & human clients as well as teaching classes about the essences for the last 17 years and I love them!

Please remember! Flower Essences are wonderful tools. However they are NOT a substitute for veterinary care. ALWAYS consult your Veterinarian on any cases dealing with your pet’s health even if you just suspect there might be a problem!


The flower essence Heather is for composure. I call it the “Me, Me Me!” Flower. It is for those who are showing signs of selfishness, self-centeredness and attention seeking, who seem completely preoccupied with their life and problems.

What Are Flower Essences?
A flower essence is water that has been infused with the energies and vibrations from plants and trees. This is produced by harvesting the flowers or buds from the plants & trees then putting them in water for a period of time. The water is then mixed with a preservative and bottled as a stock essence.

How Do They Work?
Flower essences essentially act like a tuning fork to re-tune the body, mind and spirit of a being to the higher more positive vibrations that we are naturally born with, but through living life either have lost or have lessened them to such a point that unwanted behaviors have occurred. Jealousy, worry, grief, anger, compulsion and depression are only a few of the many symptoms of the body, mind and spirit being “stuck” in a unwanted behavioral pattern.

Because the negative behaviors can differentiate greatly between animals and people I’ve separated us from the animals in order to show the negative behaviors more clearly for BOTH species

Unwanted Behavior Patterns in Animals:

  • Animals who will not listen to their people, they seem inattentive, almost like they are pretending not to hear them.
  • When an animal is acting very possessive, in an almost unhealthy and clingy manner with their human companion(s).
  • Animals who need to be the CONSTANT center of attention, and will do anything to be so. This may include barking, meowing, running around when guests are visiting, anything to bring the attentions back to them.
  • When animals appear self-centered and it seems to be a dominant trait in their personality.(Please note this MAY be a trait in certain breeds, in this case Heather would NOT work.)
  • For any animal who doesn’t seem to be happy when their person is out of their sight, and they are “stuck to them like glue.”
  • Animals who constantly make noise ex: barking, howling, yammering, or crying. (Please note: this could be a sign of an even bigger physical problem! Consulting your veterinarian immediately is advised!)
  • When there’s history of abandonment, either through the loss of their animal sires (parents) or by their previous human companions.
  • Animals who come from extreme emotional neglect and abuse.

Positive results in animals: Restores composure, and the ability to just BE, erasing the need to show off or create attention.

Unwanted Behavior Patterns in People:

  • You hate being alone, and feel like “there’s something missing” whenever you are.
  • When in social situations, you take over the conversations and turn the attention on yourself.
  • Your thoughts are entirely centered on your life and your personal problems.
  • You have a hard time listening to others.
  • You find yourself making “mountains out of molehills” or exaggerating simple situations into huge emotional exhibitions.
  • You tend to want to make yourself look stronger, and/or smarter than you really are when you feel vulnerable.
  • Others’ concerns don’t seem to affect you because you are too busy being completely absorbed by your life.
  • You hold on to others by their sleeves, or corner them in order to begin or continue a conversation.
  • Ending a conversation is something that it difficult to do, you always have one more thing to say.
  • You have a history of emotional neglect or not being accepted as a child.

Positive results in humans: Restores the knowing that you are being cared for and loved by the Universe. It enables you to really listen and hear what others are saying. You are able to sympathize and have empathy for others. Others begin to feel like they can trust and be comforted by you.

How do I take the essences?
Essences should always be taken and given in the least stressful way possible. I like to put them in water. To me, it’s the best and purest way for the essences to do their work. So, if the essences are for a person put them in a glass of water, for an animal put the drops in their water bowl.

How Long After Taking Them, Will I See A Result?
The results vary from being to being, but I’ve had both human and animal clients who’ve had results occurring within seconds of drinking the flower essence water and those who’ve had results happen between 24 to 48 hours after taken an essence. It depends on how attached the being is TO their negative behavior. If something has been with someone a long time, it can become a chronic habit and may be harder to let go of. But generally, results should be seen within a 24 to 48 hour period of time, if not, then another essence may have to be tried.

Where Can I Find This Flower Essence?
Flower essences can be found just about anywhere from health food stores to supermarkets. My custom made elixirs can be found in my online shop.

How do I give flower essences to my animal friend(s)?

Normally putting the drops in the animals water works very well, and if you have a multiple animal household, don’t worry, the essences will not do anything to the other animals, unless they need it.

For small animals (cats, dogs): Give 2-3 drops in their water, from each bottle and then put new drops in whenever you change the water.

For bigger animals (Horses, Cows, Llamas, etc) anywhere from 8-16 drops on a slice of bread, or muffins have been know to work too! Or take an apple, cut it either in halves or quarters, then use a knife of stick to make small holes into each slice and then put the essences into each of the holes. That should do the trick!

If you do not notice even the SLIGHTEST of changes after a 24-72 hour period then it might mean your friend will need to try another essence.

Do you still have questions about flower essences?

Do you have more questions or are you interested in scheduling a session for your pet? Simply leave your questions by replying to this post or send me an email by using the “Contact Coryelle” form.

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