Flower Essence: Beech

I took a little break (ok, about an 8 year break 😀 ) from posting about the individual flower essences, I called it the “spotlight” series.

But they’re baaaack!

And it’s because love them, they can help animals (and people) who are suffering with mental, emotional and even physical issues to get back into their stream of well-being very quickly.

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First, What ARE Flower Essences?

Flower essences are vibrational healing, they retune the body, mind and spirit out of the negative vibrational pattern and into a more positive uplifting vibration. Allowing them to release those things that are causing the unwanted behaviors, things such as: jealousy, dominance, fear, repeat obsessive actions (like pacing or licking), panic, and neediness. Ans restores the animal’s sense of balance and well being.

The essences are vibrating at a higher speed and more POSITIVE level, then that of the current negative behavior. When taken, the essence open up gateways to the blockage(s) and flood them with the flower’s vibration, releasing the need to do the unwanted behaviors and brings back their natural feeling of Well-Being and balance.

Because and animal’s normal state is unconditional love and joy, they can line up pretty quickly to feeling good, and the results can be incredibly fast. In some cases, in the instant they’ve taken in the essences.

Please remember! Flower Essences are wonderful tools. However they are NOT a substitute for veterinary care. ALWAYS consult your Veterinarian on any cases dealing with your pet’s health even if you just suspect there might be a problem!

So let’s get to it shall we?

The Spotlight on Beech…

Beech remedies intolerance and restores a sense of tolerance and flexibility.
I prescribe this for my animal clients who seem to be having a hard time adjusting to a place or situation, or if they seem to have an issue with someone or something. Below are some example, which might help you to decide if Beech is right for your furkid(s).

What are some common situation that Beech can help ?

• Animals who are intolerant of change (minor or major).

• For animals what won’t tolerant and person or another animal near them.

• Animals who are easily irritated.

• Animals who scratch, bite, snarl, peck or growl at anyone and everyone coming into the home (including their own people).

• For tense, rigid animals (set in their ways) that develop arthritic conditions as they get older.

• Animal who can’t take a change of climate or weather, hot, cold, humidity, rain, snow etc.

• Here’s a biggie! Animals who suffer from allergies, they are intolerant for things like, grass, dust, foods.

Just to name a few…

Tip: Consulting your Animal Communicator to verify that these are the problems is also a very good idea!

How do I give them to my animal friend(s)?

Please don’t put the dropper in their mouths, the droppers and made from glass and accidents can happen.

Putting the drops in the animals water works very well, but only if you don’t have a fountain, because it will filter the essence out. So use either a ceramic or glass bowl (metal is ALRIGHT but it can also mess with the makeup of the essence). FYI if you have a multiple animal household, don’t worry the essences will not do anything to the other animals only unless they need it. And remember to change out the water everyday when you reapply the drops.

For Cats: Give 4-5 drops
For Dogs (depending on how big they are): 4 to 10 drops For bigger animals (Horses, Cows, Llamas, etc): 15-25 drops on a slice of bread, or muffins have been know to work too! Or take an apple, cut it into quarters, make small holes into the slice and then put the essences into the hole.

Sometimes it can take a while for them to work (not all animal’s are ready to let go of their baggage (just like some people), but If you do not notice even the SLIGHTEST of changes after a 4-5 days then it might mean your furkid doesn’t need that particular essence and another should be tried.

Do you still have questions about flower essences?

Do you have more questions or are you interested in scheduling a session for your pet? Simply leave your questions by replying to this post or send me an email by using the “Contact Coryelle” form.

Next Flower Essence will be…Cherry Plum the essence for obsessive behavior.