Why bother worrying?

Laying in bed early this morning with one of my cats, I wanted to reach for the water bottle on the night stand but I had a cat on my chest and do you know what my first thought was?

It was that I didn’t want to disturb her so just lay here and be thirsty.

Immediately, Sacred (the one on said chest) asked me “Why do you do that? If you do something that we may not like but that feels right for you, why do you stop yourself from doing it?’

She went on to say “We do things that feel right to us all the time, even if it bothers you because it’s being true to how we feel.
If it bothers someone don’t bother worrying about that, just do it”

then I remembered….

As few weeks ago I stopped sleeping with the cats; (yea I know {GASP!} “how could I?!” But hear me out..

I did it because it felt right to me, and, you know what? It also turns out that I’ve been sleeping the best I’ve slept in a very long time. When I wake up I’m not as impatient (ok yes, I’m still a little impatient I think that’s built into my DNA so deal with it 😉 ) and I also have more clarity. And the added bonus? The cats don’t seem to mind too much and they’re settling down more at night and even sleeping better too.

The point is, I didn’t get wrapped up in “what if it disturbs or bothers the cats” I just did what felt right for me and it all turned out great.

Thank you Miss Sacred for your wise wonderful wisdom