Wolf spirit - guide gathering cermony

Spirit Guide Gathering Ceremony & Invocation

Remember just with any other physical relationship, your metaphysical relationship with your guides relies on communication, without it your connection to them will not last and thrive, it will eventually become faint and lost. Find images and figures of your guides to have on your deck, your alter or by your place of rest or meditation. Gather images of them that resonate and remind you that they are i your life and what they are here to help you with, put those images on your desktop of your computer, your phone or on your physical walls. Honor them as they are honoring you for they are guiding and loving you and gifting you with strength and connection to Divinity.

Do not take your guides for granted that they will always be there no matter what, for in order to receive you must give.

If you’re ready to do all that, then below you’ll find ceremonies and invocations to bring your guides into your life.

Guide gathering ceremony-meditation






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Animal Spirit Guide Invocation p2


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