Coryelle’s First Interview on Coast To Coast AM

The show went fabulously! I had SO much fun discussing the Animal Dynamics with George and his listeners………..I even got asked to come back. How cool is that?

Listen to it on the Coast To Coast AM.

Listen to Coryelle’s May 2nd 2022 show, where she and George talk about animal communication and she gives you easy tips for YOU to begin talking with your animals.

If you want to contact Coryelle to find out more about her work please go to her contact page.

If you’re interested in interviewing Coryelle, please email her PR person.

2 Replies to “Coryelle’s First Interview on Coast To Coast AM”

  1. Hi Coryelle,
    I heard you on Coast on 5-2-22. Great interview. A caller asked about seizures and you said to clear the house. You said you have a link to a posting about how to clear correctly. Can you send me the link. My precious Maltese (Maddie – 14 years old) has mild seizures and I need to help her. She’s my best friend. Just like the caller, the vet doesn’t have any answers.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Victor, Thank you so much for letting me know that you enjoyed the show, that means a lot. Here is the link to the post I did on smudging I’m so sorry to hear that your sweet Maddie is having seizures. I hope that clearing the space in your home helps them to subside. If they don’t, please reach out to me again by contacting me through the contact page on the site. I truly think that my healing modality as well as my Animal Dynamic® techniques may be able to help Maddie recover. I’ve worked with quite a few of animals who have had physical issues where their veterinarians were unable to find the cause of the ailments and through working with them I brought that back to health.

    Below are 2 videos on how I work and the results that I have achieved.
    This is on my healing work:

    and this one is an animal clients actual story:

    I wish you and Maddie all the very best.

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