Rigid Reiki Rules


This post is probably going to piss off and shock a few people and I’m sure that they will comment, but not being one to back away from stirring up the pot, here we go.

When I was first attuned  in 2002 to reiki level one and level two, I was told I HAD to do some things.

1- I was told that I HAD to hold my hands in a certain way (even through my fingers intuitively spread apart every time) That didn’t change years later by the way.

2- I was told that I HAD to learn the symbols EXACTLY and if I messed up while drawing them in the air, I HAD to erase it and start again. Now for those who DON’T know the first 2 symbols are CAKE, but the 3rd; Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is a bitch (sorry but there’s no other word to describe it better). It is a BITCH with teeth and claws and even years later I STILL had to have it framed on my wall so that I could do the healings the way I was told I HAD to do them. BTW I was told I COULDN’T ever, under any circumstances, frame the symbols and hang them on my wall….yea, that one I said “screw that” to and framed them and hung them on my wall anyway.

hon sha ze sho nen reiki symbol
hon sha ze sho nen draw it in numerical order


3- I was told that  I HAD to be attuned to Reiki Master (when I was ready) by the same person who attuned me to Levels 1 & 2. After being attuned in NYC, I moved to upstate NY, then later to Munich Germany and back to upstate NY, I haven’t seen my reiki person since 2002!

So, where did all these rules leave me? After less than 4 years later, I stopped doing reiki all together. Why? Because the symbols were overwhelming, and I had to remember to carry my reiki folder with me with all the symbols and other “paperwork” in it. And because for me…if something doesn’t flow, it needs to go and I thought Reiki needed to go.

But then after about 3 years of NOT doing reiki, I came to realize something.

Reiki is about flowing energy it’s not about stymieing it.

It’s about allowing not pushing against!

It’s about feeling good, not feeling limited.

So? I threw the rules away.

I found someone who I loved and respected to attune to me Reiki Master, someone who had the same mindset as I did. Energy Healing is NOT about rules and restrictions! It’s about allowing and flowing, it’s about doing whatever feels right to you so that your healing can be as powerful as you are. It’s about customizing it to fit YOU and your client’s needs. Because people and animals are NOT cookie cutters, the healing that’s going to help one may not help another, you may have to change it up a bit to meet their needs, you need to flow with your healing like the waters of a great river, over rocks and stones but the power comes from you and just like one river is not the same as another, neither are you.

I threw the rules away and began to customize me healings not only to me and my guides but to each individual being I was sending the healing to.

And I began to get results, off the chart results.

As people began to come to me to be attune first to reiki master and then later to Honeycomb Healing, they would say the same thing to me over and over again.

“I was attuned to reiki level 2 years ago, but I stopped doing it because the symbols became to much for me”

or I’d hear “I started doing reiki but after a few years I would stop because it felt too constricting to me.”

Yea, I get it.

I believe that when I pull away from something it’s either because it’s not right for me at all,  BUT I was drawn to energy healing but NOT in it’s current mode that it was being done that tells me that there were aspects of it that I may be able to use, but I need to take it and make it my own.

So this is what I say to everyone (including the animals) I attune ….. Take what I give you and RUN with it!

Make it your own, customize it for YOU and YOUR clients!

Don’t limit yourself, if it doesn’t feel right to you, it’s not right for you.

I give you the basics, I attune you  to the HIGHEST level of healing and light, my attunements give my students the ability to connect with animals, angels, other worlds and dimensions, to grow and become MORE.

If you’re currently attuned to level 1 or 2 of reiki and you feel like you’re being “held back”, “limited”, “pigeon holed” or “stagnant” or just plan “frustrated” then that’s your cue to know that you need to change how you heal! Here’s your clue if it was working for you…then that’s your sign that it needs to change to something that DO work.

Like I said at the very beginning, some things I’m saying here will piss some of you off, but think about it, if something doesn’t feel like it’s 100% right when you’re doing it especially if your healing someone…then why are you doing it? If the reiki rule book works for you, that GREAT! I’m truly happy for you, but I know that for me, when I was given all the HAD’S I was told to do, it began to take the fun out of healing. And simply put, if I can help ONE person know they they’re not alone. or that they’re not doing anything “wrong”, or to help “rekindle” their role as a light worker for this planet….well that’s really cool with me.

12 Replies to “Rigid Reiki Rules”

  1. This post is PURE GOLD to me. The symbols never felt comfortable to me either. And hand positions?? Forget it!! I am forever grateful for you teaching me to TRUST THE REIKI. I am a far better practitioner and person for this. Thank you!

  2. I agree 100%! Reiki flows to where it needs to go, as long as you relax and let it. I’ve always done it this way and have had fabulous results, too. Restrictions only restrict the energy. Every session I do has some kind of variation in it, depending on what I feel the person or animal needs. It’s about being tuned in to your client and giving exactly what they need, not rules. Relax and let your intuition tell you how to send the Reiki! Let our Reiki flag fly free!!

  3. Love this Coryelle, when I work with Reiki energy, most times I just set the intention of calling the energy to begin flowing and working, and I use my third eye to visualize my hands, and I do feel results. I think so many people are going to resonate with this post. You’re amazing, glad you “stirred the pot” on this one. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Lori, your support is appreciated beyond words. I love how your visualize the energy flowing from your hand. I know the good work your doing, super proud of you keep it up!

  5. EXACTLY Caren! Not one of my sessions has been like the first, it makes it more powerful for whomever your healing animal or human. And I love what you said about letting your intuition be your guide and the reek flag….lol awesome!

  6. Wow Coryelle, I’m sorry yours and others’ experiences of Reiki was so rigid! Mine was anything but – they taught us the ‘correct’ way to do things and then just told us to use our intuition. Even with the symbols, we were taught them but were told that we didn’t have to draw them – we could “stamp” them by placing our hands on the symbol in our workbook and then over the recipient, or just have the intention of the symbol in our minds. As a result of how I was taught, Reiki is a free and easy thing for me to do and it’s evolve over the years to the point that now I just place my hands where my intuition guides me, and then ask the angels, archangels and Source to flow their energy through me to the recipient and guide me on where to place my hands and what’s going on for the person. I immediately get while light throughout my body as my hands turn on, and then see different colours when working on different parts of the recipients body. Just wanted you to know that not all reiki teachers are so rigid and that I had a really fun and easygoing time learning that modality.

  7. Hi Sam, I’m so happy you commented and if I gave the impression that I thought that all Reiki teachers were rigid I apologize that wasn’t my intention. But it’s wonderful that you were taught and that you imbue and teach to others about having fun and being easy about it. That is the most important thing. thank you for writing your experience and your thoughts. I wish you nothing but the best in all you do. Namaste! Coryelle

  8. This is a great post, Coryelle. I frequently draw the third symbol incorrectly, but I just keep going. I believe that as long as I put my intention into it it will do what it’s supposed to do. I don’t send Reiki the “traditional way”, and I learned I don’t have to. Every Reiki master can send it in a way that resonates with themselves and still help others tremendously.

  9. So glad to read this article. I have been attuned to Reiki 1 and 2 but never did much with it. Thought symbols difficult and multiple hand positions tedious and too invasive for some people’s personal space including mine.
    Everything evolves. I respect Reiki and those that brought it about but it has never really resonated with me.
    One position can bring in Divine healing energy. I had to wrestle with whether I was being lazy or superior with this attitude. Yes and no one heals you, you heal with the energy provided.

  10. Exactly Linda, energetic healing should be anything BUT rigid and the way you describes how you feel is exactly how many people feel. It’s important to find a modality that works for you and then take it a make it your own, thanks for commenting.

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