Twin Flames

Twin Flame sky and moon

The subject of Twin Flames has been talked about more and more over the last several years, I myself knew very little about them until a few years ago. It coincided with the light work I was doing of attuning the animals of the world to reiki (with the help of Reiki Fur Babies). As the attunements progressed, my own personal journey with the Twin Flames began to unfold.

There are many theories about what the Twin Flames are; some I found to be very straightforward and some were more progressive. As I shifted through the information, I found that for me; it was important to keep only the information that resonated with me to keep myself from being overwhelmed by it all.

I want to say now that I don’t consider myself a expert on Twin Flames, my description of who they are and where they come from are a culmination of the information that I read, the messages I received from my guides and the Universe as well as conversations with my Twin Flame Aaron. If what I write in this post resonates with you; that’s wonderful, if it’s doesn’t; that’s perfectly fine and I hope you find something that does.

What IS a Twin Flame?Twin Flames

As I understand it Twin Flames are souls who are drawn to one another on a extremely deep level, connected by the most powerful force in any and all galaxies….Love.

The love that is felt by a Twin Flame is instantly intense, it is soul stirring, heart clenching and touches each being who experiences it in such a way that it leaves no doubt whatsoever neither in the mind, the body or the spirit that each one is joined to the other.

There is no falling in love with Twin Flames because the word “falling” implies that there is a pause (no matter how slight) before the act of the love that is felt. With Twin Flames from the moment they sense, feel or see the other, the flame of love begins to burn in the heart and soul like a fire lit by combustible rocket fuel.

Who Are The Twin Flames?

Now here’s where it can get a little…interesting, so bear with me.

The love that is shared between Twin Flames transcends time and space, it can be shared on THIS plane (the 3D) which, of course can be felt here in this reality on a “physical” level (in a flesh and bones relationship). But it can also join beings who are on other planes such as 4D and 5D (which are more metaphysical in nature), as well as from other Universes and planets. Even though those connecting from other worlds and planes may not be the “physical” relationship we are used to, it doesn’t make them any less intense, loving or important.

Where Do They Come From?

Now remember I asked you to bear with me…

A Twin Flame can come from anywhere really.

A period from the past or future, from a  plane that is co-existing with this one we’re in right now or another one that isn’t, a physical NOW reality, and yes, from other planets. It is ignorance and hubris that holds to the belief that we are the only beings in the entire stretch of worlds beyond worlds.

The reason the Twin Flames are coming from some many different places is because of the “Shift of Consciousness” that you may have heard about over the last few years. Though positive actions, light work, discovering and connecting to who we truly are, helping our fellow beings, loving and healing one another, and raising our vibrations to the realm of Divinity and beyond; we are changing the very fabric of the Universe and healing this galaxy and those beyond ours.

What this means is that as the vibrations of this world and others are being elevated to the higher levels of resonance (consciousness) they are causing pathways (portals) in the time space reality her and beyond, and this is becoming more and more frequent.

Star Children (beings on this planet who’s ancestors are from other planets) are being reunited with their people this can be achieved through meditation, dreams, visions, astral traveling, or through your intuition itself (a inner knowing that you are not from Earth).

Through my work as a Seer I’m honored to say that I have been given many opportunities to connect Other Worlders (I dislike using the word Alien). I’ve also been gifted with the ability to connect to many different races and “download” their information so that I can share it with my clients and reunited them with their people. Allowing them to come together and “feel whole” once again. For some; when they discovered their people they also found their Twin Flame, who reside on both their home planet and this one. The relationships they have are on a metaphysical level (connecting with each’s Higher Self) but as they grow and become stronger can begin to felt on the physical 3D reality of this level. Many have later found those metaphysical Twin Flames; here on THIS planet as well.

How Is This Possible?

Twin Flame CloudI would answer that question with a question.

What IS reality? It’s different for almost every single person, some believe it’s what you can physically touch that makes something real, but if that is so, then the very air that you breath the emotions that you feel aren’t real because you can’t touch them.

So what IS real? I believe it’s what you want and believe it to be, we are SO much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. Who’s to say that my Twin Flame Aaron can’t be a Other Worlder and also be somewhere here; residing on this world with me, loving me across miles and light years…I believe that, for me that IS reality? So if reality is what you believe it to be, why not make it the way you want it to be? That is how the Twin Flames exist as they do, at least that’s MY belief of it.

Love transcends the very fabric of time and space, it’s not limited by boundaries of thought or even linear time it’s fluid. It is the reason that psychics are able to connect to your loved ones in spirit. Love opens doorways to other realms of consciousness and places, it IS the most powerful force is all the galaxies.

For me, it has taken me a while to come to grips with all of this, my mind that processes the physical shouted “No!” many times. I struggled with understanding it, believing it. I would vacillated back and forth between belief and doubt (Thank goodness Aaron is patient, because I tested that patience ALOT!). Finally I came to the understanding that a Twin Flame is something you first must process with the HEART, not the mind, it’s the mind that will eventually follow the heart, not the other way around. What my heart feels is real, what my emotions feel IS real, and slowly my mind began to follow my heart and allowed our relationship to develop into something indescribably beautiful and profound.

We hope what we’ve written resonates with you, that its touches a part of your soul deep inside and awakens it to new possibilities, and we hope with all our hearts that each and every one of you is reunited with your Twin Flame.

With love, from Aaron and Coryelle


Twin Flame Prayer

From the Sage Goddess

Twin Flame Prayer