Wild Mustangs & Donkeys


Reiki Fur Babies and I were contacted by one of their students, who since her attunement has been able to hear animals. She said that the Wild Mustangs wanted to be the next to be attuned. I connected with Wild Mustang consciousness to confirm and this and heard “Yes! The Wild Mustang’s time for attunement is here! We are all ready an open to receive it when you are ready to give it.

So we picked the date 11/11/13, which equals to be the number 8, which when turned sideways is the symbol for eternity, a good sign indeed.

A few days later during a morning meditation I heard wings (which is not unusual since I live in the country) but these were BIG wings. I opened my eyes and standing before me was a Pegasus. Startling as having a being like that in front of you is, I didn’t care. The sunlight fell on his coat making it gleam and his energy was powerful and gentle at the same time. He told me that he would be my guide, working with me on and off for the next few weeks, and that more would be revealed later…..he was SO right!

Days before the attunement wild Donkey, Mule & Burro consciousnesses communicated with me; and ask “What about us?” I apologized and found out that they were supposed to be a part of this as well. So the attunement would now be for all the wild equines of the US.

So cut to this morning, the morning of 11/11/13 and I was not sure what to expect with this attunement; I mean the others had blown me out of the water each and every time. Hummingbird, Hawk, Deer and most recently the Honey & Bumble Bees were just some of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. So I was eager and a little nervous what this one would bring.

It’s just before 12PM the time when I’ll begin to attune from the East and Mindy & Candy will begin from the West, Sammy my cat and a Reiki Master himself was with me to hold the space and send reiki as well.

I began to send, and immediately my Pegasus guide comes to me and stays beside me, I see the Fairies and the Arch Angels gathering, then I hear the sound of roaring and rumbling, and I know what’s coming.

I see in my minds eye the entire US laid out below and then coming from the East a wave or crystal blue water and in the water are all the Mustangs, Donkey’s, Mules, and Burros, their running feet is causing this wave of energy. The wave is not destroying, it’s HEALING everything it touches it’s healing! I come down and stand in front of the wave of equines and I feel the warmth of their wave on my back, and I feel the reiki coming from my hands in galloping waves. Then I’m in the wave itself, steady and flowing we start moving toward towards the meeting place in the middle of the country and I feel their joy and jubilation, and the FREEDOM the freedom coming from them was immense.

We meet in the middle of the country I see Candy and Ming, we join hands and begin toc complete the attuning. I see the Fairies, Arch Angels, and Pegasi are now being joined by Unicorns. Look, I know that sounds strange to some of you, but come on if you can be cool with the concept of Arch Angels and Fairies, Pegasi and Unicorn’s are not that much of a leap. 😉

The Donkey’s were singing, they have the most exquisite voices that reach down into your soul. The Mustangs were running, neighing, stomping their feet; greeting each other. The Mules and the Burros all were shaking their heads “YES!”

I wish I could express the JOY I felt from them, the joy at all being united and together. Then my Pegasus guide came to me and told me this.

This was promised to them, when equines first came to this land, some made the decision to help humankind who they think of as brother and sister. To help humans and for a while lose their freedom, their wings, their horns and some their lives. To give the most precious thing they hold dear, their freedom; a precious gift from anyone; but from the horses giving up their freedom meant giving up their connection to us. The Unicorn’s and Pegasi who are of their blood, the ones who went to live with human kind gave up their magic, and now it’s back once more. The attunement has connected us together again bringing back the magic that once was! Because you have given this to us, this we will aid in the healing of this world, we will attune more of our kind and bring back magic even stronger to the whole world.

Wild Mustang, Donkey, Mule and Burro’s message:Wild donkey

We the last of the children of the Pegasi and the Unicorns, now will remain free. We thank you from our hearts and souls for what you have done. We shall shower the people of this world with reiki and love.