Question: Do animals ever resent being rehomed?

Great question! In my opinion it depends on the situation and the animal as well. Some animals are taken out of terrible situations and they are so relieved to be out and in a safe place, even if that place is a shelter. They are not in the painful situation they were in, it’s not always ideal but it’s better than where they came from.

Some animals I’ve spoken with had a strong knowing that they were not with their forever people, that the people who were taking care of them were a “rest stop” to where they really felt like they were being called to go.

Some animals who are rehired from loving, happy homes to some one else’s (for a variety of reasons not all are bad ones) can have emotional issues because they are feeling confused, or worried that they did something wrong to make their people give them up, but usually they stop feeling that way, when they realize their new home is REALLY their forever home.

Some animals have a very hard time adjusting and need outside help to adjust either from a communicator or behavioralist.

Animals, just like people are not all the same, so a “one size fits all” attitude is a very big mistake, many issues can be missed when coming from this viewpoint.

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  1. I think my Tara suffered from emotional issues. She was found on the street–so sweet and tame, she just walked up to my neighbors like, “You look like nice humans. Please help me.” One thing led to another, and Tara ended up joining my gang. She had inappropriate urination issues that took six months to resolve. She was just terrified of Thomas and Bella, and she hid in the closet for most of the first month. She peed up my carpet under my couch so badly I had to use cleaner three times before the carpet smelled clean again. But I remained patient with her and told her that yes indeed, this is her forever home. It was beautiful, the moment I saw her finally believe she’s part of my family for the rest of her life.

  2. Hi, You said something SO important JaneA, and that’s to remember when dealing with an animal who comes into a home with trauma, to keep telling them that they have found their forever home, they NEED to hear that.

    This is something I’ve told clients many times, in many sessions. It’s so important for them to hear that, that they ARE safe, that they HAVE won the lottery, that you ARE their people, and that they found their forever home, sometimes when dealing with unwanted behaviors for a new animal, sometimes, all they have to do is hear you say it and the unwanted behaviors stop. Because they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop and they don’t believe that the Universe has given them such a gift.

    thanks for sharing Tara’s experience JaneA.

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