Question: How Do You Know If Your Dog/Cat Has a Good Life?

It’s a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds and it’s a question that comes up quite a bit when people do a session with their furkids. This one, and “is she/he happy?”. The words I get varies, but it’s pretty much always the same answer, and that answer is “yes” they are having a good life with you. Even if they are not enjoying every single SITUATION that’s happening in that life. 

For example, going to the vet, I have yet in my long career gotten an animal to be thrilled about going to the vet (I’m very good at what I do, but no one’s THAT good) lol, that is a situation in a happy life.

I tell my human clients that a way to tell is to look at your own life. Are you happy with it? We tend to think situations ARE our lives but they only make up a small amount, so look at your life as a whole and if you’re happy with your life, then it stands to reason that your animal is happy with theirs.

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