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Pet Health: Remember Your Pet’s Stream of Well-Being

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The other day I had to take my cat Sam (Sweet Sam I call him that’s him in the photo) to his vet.
It seems that on one of his travels (I have 9 acres of land so I allow him to go out whenever he likes) he digested someone that did not agree with him. The result was that I noticed that Sam had worms, now I will NOT bore you with the details of HOW I found this out, I’ll just let your imaginations run free. Besides that is not why I’m writing this post.

I’m writing this post because of what happened when I found out that I had to take Sammy to the Vet.
I immediately felt a surge of worry/panic/dread start in my chest.
Now as you know I’m an animal communicator, I have been doing this professionally since 2001 and unprofessionally since I was a child.
Bottom line….I have been doing it for a long time and EVEN I have those thoughts/feelings just like you do, and just like my clients do.

I felt myself start to get tense, then the questions began “What is happening to Sam?” then I thought, “What did I do WRONG?” but then something happened, instead rolling with the next panicked question I stopped and had a thought. It’s what I believe with all my heart and what I say to my clients, so, yes I DO listen to my own advise!

The thought was this….“Every single being on this planet has a stream of Well-Being filled with Health, Abundance and Universal Love flowing to them at ALL times.”

I truly believe that, and the animals have told me this over and over again through the years. I know that personally for me there is no difference between a human and a horse, or a human child and a baby owl, or a monkey and a butterfly. We are all vibrational beings, no one is more or less important than the other. We are ALL important, ALL worthy and each of us are powerful creators of our own lives.
Now if I truly believe that then I should have no problem knowing that Sam has the same stream filled with Health, Abundance and Universal Love flowing to him as I do right now.
This with thought came this feeling of calm, I began to trust in Sammy’s ability to heal himself, that he was probably already doing it as we stood there.
Then asked him quietly and calmly what happened and how he was doing, and this is what he told me. “I KNEW that mouse didn’t smell right when I caught him but did I listen to my intuition?…NOOOOO!” then he said “Ahh C (he calls me C) it will all be alright, this just happens sometimes,
we should go to the doctor so that YOU (notice he did not say HE) can feel better about the situation,
so let’s get a move on”

So I called the vet and made an appointment all the while just visualizing Sam in his stream of Well-Being. Trusting and believing that all will be well.
Then I put Rescue Remedy in his water

And a few hours later off we went to the vet.

Through all of this, all I was doing was doing the visualization of Sam’s Stream of Well-Being.
I did it at home before we GOT to the vet, as we were driving TO the vet, as we were WAITING for the vet, and during the time we were SEEING the vet was keeping the visualization of my cat’s stream of well-being flowing to him at all times.

When the vet tech came in Sam just let her stroke him and scratch his head, purring all the while, even lying on his BACK on the table.
The our Vet Doctor Dave came into the room he picked Sam up rubbed his belly stroked his head, and Sam is just purring happily away. Doctor Dave, just kept saying over and over in an awed voice, “I can’t believe how well he is doing being here, he’s so calm!” When he gave Sam the de-worming pill the vet said, “In ALL my years doing this, this is the easiest de-worming I have ever had!”
and I thought…”THAT’S My Boy! Way To Go Sam!
Now Sam is not a nervous cat, but the Vet’s office is not his favorite place in the world, but you would’ve have never known that to look at him!

I truly believe that visualization was THE most important, productive, supportive thing that I could ever, ever done for Sam. It took a little practice, and bit of willingness and some focus (yes even for me and I have been doing this a LONG time) but the point is I did it. Sammy, was calm all through the ride to the vet, while waiting for the vet, and during the visit (he even came out of the bag all by himself, and then just sat in the middle of the table, saying to the doctor “Ok doc, let’s get me check out” it was astonishing how easy and quick it was! But most important how GOOD it FELT to keep that mind set.

When we got home, I trusted that he would do whatever he thought would be best and I just let him do whatever he wanted. I didn’t try to make him rest, he made that decision all on his own and just laid down for the rest of the day and slept.

Now, I know that our pets can have much more challenging issues going on then just de-worming. Health issues that can make fear rise in us quicker that poop through a goose, but the point is start doing this NOW. Do it with everything that your pets do. If your animals go outside and you have apprehension about it do it, if your animal is challenged with their health do it, If they get a cough or a cold, or a limp, even just leaving them for the weekend
DO it. Visualize their stream of Well-Being flowing to them and keep that stream flowing in your mind no matter.

If a stream is not strong enough visualize a running river or even a whole ocean of Well-Being filled with health and joy and abundance, with everything good that you want for your animal friend floating inside of it.

Whatever your visualization looks like, it is my PROMISE to you that doing it will help both You and your pet get through, any situation that comes your way.

From Sam To All Of You With Love!



7 Responses to Pet Health: Remember Your Pet’s Stream of Well-Being

  1. Coryelle April 6, 2010 at 12:49 pm #

    Hi Ellie~ Thanks so much for the sweet tweet!

  2. Sandy April 13, 2010 at 11:27 am #

    Love this post, Coryelle, thank-you. And Sam is so handsome!

  3. Coryelle April 13, 2010 at 11:52 am #

    Hi Sandy,
    Many Thanks glad you enjoyed it I will be continuing with more post on Bach Flowers over the next few months.
    and Oh yes, Sam is handsome and photogenic and BOY does he ever know it.
    Thanks for commenting

  4. Saarah April 18, 2011 at 7:37 am #

    If my pet was ill does that mean I should leave her to decide whther she wants to visit the vet or not? That would be rather hard because i WOULD NOT EVER DREAM of letting her suffer. [sorry. caps lock was on] Or until i am confident that I can animal comunicate properly do I take her to the vet? I have not tried communicating yet but maybe I should? Thank you for sharing this story!

  5. Coryelle April 18, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    HI Sarah, First thank you so much for your comments and questions, the reason why I did this blog in the first place was to get into these exact types of questions.

    Next, to answer your question of whether you should leave the decision up to going to your pet about going to their vet the answer is NO. You absolutely need to take your pets to their vet whenever there is a health issue.
    Even if you can communicate with them 120% you still take them to the vet.
    In the post, I was talking about the difference between going in a panicked, worried frightened and doubting state, and going visualizing and believing in their amazing stream of Well-Being of Health & Energy that is flowing to your animal at all times.

    Of course you would never let your animal suffer and neither would I. I still brought Sam to the vet, however, I found when trusted and visualized his Stream of Well-Being, everything flowed better, from the trip to the vet, to waiting for the vet, and then the examination itself… it all went so much better than if I hadn’t trusted in his Stream and been racked with worry and doubt and fear. AND it was the best visit Sam ever had. All because I trusted in Sam’s healing abilities.

    Now, with regards to communicating with your pet. I would not recommend trying while there’s a health issue going on. This is one of the most difficult times ever to begin you animal communication journey It can be hard for ME to hear the answers sometimes during these times too, so I let people know that starting off with the EASY questions is best like, “What do you like to eat?”, “How do you like your new leash?”, “What’s your favorite color?” is the best.
    In my CD that I have available for sale I lead you through a 8 minute meditation that shows you how I communicate with animals…so in 8 minutes you can too. Start easy and build up your intuitive communication abilities Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Communication is a tool you can use to make your connection with your animal better and stronger…but as Sam found out, it will never mean that he never has to go see his Vet 😉

  6. Jerky Dog Treats July 26, 2011 at 6:27 am #

    Its a beautiful kitty. It remembers me of the one who had left us last year. Good and informative.

    Thanks for sharing this.


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