Homeopathic remedies for UTI – Cystitis


OK so I had a bit of a scare the other night, late in the evening Sammy (my Reiki Master Cat) began to show signs of UTI, straining, growling and hissing when trying to pee and followed by nothing coming out.

I got super scared when the reality of not having a car (mine had been recently totaled in a rear end collision a few weeks before and I have been waiting for my move to New Mexico in July to obtain a new one) and not being able to take him to the emergency vet slammed into my brain. But I calmed down when Sam told me that even though he was frustrated he was ok.
I immediately got my reiki posse on it (Thanks Ming Chee & Candy Boroditsky of Reiki Fur Babies & Rhonda Riegel) who started to send him healing, then I went to my homeopathic medicine bag and got the Cantharis 6C info and began to give him 3 pellets every 10 minutes for an hour, after the 2nd dose I noticed he wasn’t as irritable, after the 3rd dose, he wasn’t pacing but lying peacefully on the floor, after the 4th dose, he went to the box and a silver dollar size of pee came out.
After 5th and 6th doses he regained his appetite and seemed like his normal loving, self.
I gave him more this morning (3 pellets at 15 min intervals) because when I woke I found him laying down and not coming to get his food. At the end of the hour he was up and about eating, peeing, tussling with my other cat Tahu (Tah-OO).

I’ve put my version of Rescue Remedy in their water to help with the stress and will be doing this every day until we leave at the end of this month (July).

My friends and I believe that Sam’s adjusting to the move (makes sense since he is connected to my emotions and I haven’t exactly been zen with my stress levels of packing and organizing my new life in New Mexico 🙂 ) Plus, I opened the POD container yesterday and when I opened the metal door yesterday morning, noise sent him running.
Right now he’s doing fine and seems OK but I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next 24 hours or so.

(NOTE: 2 days later Sam showed no signs of UTI and was 100% better)
I thought I would share what happened to us, in the hopes that it’ll helps some furrkids out there. These remedies have saved my booty (and my cat’s too) more times than I can count and appreciation doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about them. They are powerful tools to help yourself and your animal companions.

For me, It’s NOT about the money of the vet visit; it’s about the fact that health challenges happen usually when your vet has closed or when you don’t have means of transport, or there’s a flood or locusts, whatever. All that matters is getting them the healing they need as soon as possible no matter if that’s at home or on your way to the vet. That’s why I wanted to share this.

So, I below you’ll find the homeopathic list of remedies for UTI that I got when I took my emergency homeopathic course, sorry for the bad handwriting .
Please note that Cantharis is NOT on the list, but it IS the one that’s helped me quite a few times so I would get it.
I placed my order from this company abchomeopathy.

Sending both you and your furrkids love and light!


Homeopathic remedies cystitis