How To Choose The Right Pet & Special Session Package Now Available To New Clients

Kitten Season Is Here.

Kittens need help.
Mommy cats leave their babies in some of the strangest places, so please be aware if you have abandoned cars or buildings near you, or any other places that a mama cat might think is “safe” and quiet. Check in but don’t take the kittens from there, because the mama might come back, and any unfamiliar smells will frighten her away enough that she may abandon her babies. Leave the kittens unless they are in a place that is absolutely not safe for them, or if you haven’t seen any indications that the mama is returning.

Now many of us LOVE baby animals, especially kittens, but it’s important to remember that they can be A LOT of work. Kittens (depending on their age) may need to be fed often and even bottle fed with a special formula called Kitten Milk Replacement (or KMR), because they are intolerant of cow’s or even goat’s milk, which can give them diarrhea. They also may not be litter box trained, so a kitten will need a lot of care and patience.

Don’t Forget The Older Animals, Too.
Animals when they reach around the age of 6 months and up have a harder time finding their forever homes than a kitten will, so please consider that when you’re looking for your next kitty furkid. Older animals have SO much love to give and can be a lot less work to become acclimated to their new homes.

Using The Animal Dynamics To Find The Perfect Animal For You.
I have been asked “Can the Animal Personalities you’ve developed really help me find the right animal for me, Coryelle?”
My answer is “YES! Yes, they can!”


There are currently SEVEN personality archetypes, they are:

The Energetic
The Sensory
The Rule Breaker
The Direct & Demanding One
The Transcendent (NEW!)

The Visionary (NEW!) Video is coming soon!
& The Shifter

Each one has a specific way they like to be interacted with, played with, touched and talked to.

You can watch the videos I have on my site or YouTube.

Next, once you get a sense of which Dynamic or Dynamics you’re looking for in your next furkid, then it’s time to use them to look for those traits in the animals you come across.
Sit down or stand quietly with them and simply observe and see if you can get a sense for what their personalities are.

For example: Which one shows signs of being the alpha? Which one is the adventurous/fearless one? Which one is the Zen/laid back one? Which one is the sensitive or cautious one? Which one is the in-your-face type of personality? And so on.

THEN Use The Dynamics To See Which Of Those Traits You Have
Are you always on the go and ready for an adventure? Or are you more of the chill out and take it slow type? Is being spiritual your main goal in life, and you want an animal to help you delve more into being that? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? All of these are important questions to find the answers to, because this relationship will be an investment of years, and you want to make sure that your relationships with your animal grows stronger, not weaker, as the years roll on.

Understand that there are no right or wrong answers, simply what’s right for YOU and your lifestyle.

Need Help With This Or Another Issue With Your Pet?
Recently there have been quite a few clients who have had issues with their animals that I was able to solve either in a single or in a two-session package. So, in honor of kitten/new pet season, this month (July 2022) my “Care Package” of two sessions for $450 to new clients!

Is Your Pet Exhibiting Unwanted Behaviors?

The “Care Package” can also be used if your animal is expressing any unwanted behaviors or seems to be upset in any way, I can help. Scheduling a Possibility Call with me will enable us to talk more about the work that I do and how it can best serve your animal’s needs and yours.

Please note: The sessions must be purchased, scheduled, and used no later than August 31, 2022.

Once again, with both options or to book a “Possibility Call” so I can learn more what’s going on with your pet and you can find out about the work I do, please CONTACT ME.

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