Natural Pet Care: Flower Essences

For those who don’t know, I am a BIG cheerleader for natural healing modalities and one of my favorites are flower essences.

I’ve been prescribing and utilizing them with my Animal and Human clients for over 2 decades and I’m a certified flower essences therapist for animals and humans.

I absolutely ADORE them. Why? Because I’ve had so many incredible results that have been achieved for my clientele by prescribing them.

But don’t take my word for it, read a few of them yourself on my testimonial page.

Today I’ll be talking about Agrimony flower essences.

What Are The Flower Essences? The “essence” is water that’s been infused with flower from a particular plant or tree. They’re pretty easy to make you take a bowl (something natural in material, I like to use glass) fill it with clean, fresh water and gently take the flowers off of the tree or plant that you’d like to make an essence from set them in the bowl of water and put the bowl in the sun for a few hours and……Voilà! You then have a flower essence.

There’s more steps after that but let’s move on to what they can do! The one I’m talking about today is Agrimony.

I think of it as the “I’m FINE!” essence this is usually for being’s who have a hard time letting others see their pain, they don’t talk about it, they just act as if they’re “fine” when things are really not.

Keeping that pain inside can lead to physical issues (like rashes, chronic digestive problems and or inappropriate urination of defecation) or emotional issues that show up as lashing out at the ones they love for no apparent reason or crying out insistently for attention in the night.

Agrimony is for those who have a hard time allowing themselves to receive care from either an injury or mental trauma. Or for those who act “like everything is fine” but have pained or anxious looks on their faces. or for beings who are chronic “people pleasers.”

What’s The Best Ways To Take Or Give Flower Essences? They are usually applied as drops and he best way to give and taken them is as they were originally made, IN WATER. Putting the drops either in their water bowl or in a glass of water (if you’re a human) is the most powerful and purest conductor for taking in the power of the flower essences. But they can also be put into food or on treats. Results can be felt directly or over a course of hours or days, depending on how strong the negative issues are.

Where Can I Find Them?
The flower essences can be found online and in many health stores. But I love to use the one’s that are made as organically and naturally as possible so look around at local health stores or farms in your area.

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