Quote of the Day

Yesterday as I was doing my working out in nature, I noticed that I’d think of doing something like running  or jumping across and small ravines and my mind would say “No”, but then my spirit told my body that I could and so I did. As I began to do this I noticed how I felt about myself, I felt powerful, I felt GOOD, I felt strong, I felt empowered the more I did the more I felt all of this!

To the point where yesterday I ran, jogged, leaped and climbed more than I have since beginning this journey with losing weight.

It showed me (once again) in a very powerful that the ONLY thing that stands between myself and doing something is me.

I’m not saying that you have to start jogging or leaping ravines, 🙂 but find something that you don’t think you can do and do it…then notice how it makes you feel.

Do just ONE thing today that you tell yourself you CAN'T do and DO it

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