2020 was bittersweet

As I think back on this year I realize that it was a bittersweet one for me personally.

Sweet because I challenged myself by going through a VERY intense yet extremely rewarding certification program, gaining knowledge that has and will continue to assist me as I work with animals and people in ways I never even knew were possible.

Sweet because this year has been the most expansive and successful for my business than all the years before it.

Sweet because I’ve been absolutely floored by the transformations that have happened for both my animal and human clients.

Sweet because since being certified in the Blueprints and putting what I learned into my sessions, I wake up every single day with a renewed excitement, joy and anticipation at what the day ahead will bring and what new things I will learn.

Sweet because this year I’ve had some incredibly talented and beautiful people come into my life, and some of them I’ve only met though the amazing applications of Zoom and Facebook.

Sweet because during this time of isolation I’ve become more in tune with myself, honoring both my se£uality, and personality with things I want especially in my own self-pleasure and (for the first time in my life) not making apologies for any of it.

Sweet because even though we had social distancing I was still able to get together with my friends and see their smiles and hear their laughs and have wonderful deep conversations with them and even though it wasn’t as often as it has been, it made getting together with them somehow even MORE sweet.

Sweet because this year I believe I’ve been consistently the happiest I’ve been in a very long time.

And, at the same time there was the bitter.

People have lost friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, staff and other people that they knew in various ways to a virus that had so much mystery around what it was that it brought mistrust and misinformation into play.

There has been racial violence and strife, anger and justification for actions that are nothing a true human BE-ing should ever think to do, let alone act upon.

Humanity has had to rethink how they communicate and interact with one another, testing many people’s patience and sense of ingrained comfort.

There have been destruction in the places where humanity has taken solace; nature herself.

I lost a being that had been a constant in my life for the last 13 years. Who got me through the death of my mother, sobriety and leaving all I knew to move and live in the South West. And, this year, on the 5th anniversary of moving with me to our new home suddenly my cat Sammy transitioned and wasn’t physically with me anymore.

There has been tsunamis of feelings of fear, disbelief, rage, anger, disappointment, grief, frustration, melancholy, defeat, impatience and confusion (to name a few). Wave after wave which caused us to have to course correct time and time again.

But as I pondered 2020, my mind kept coming back to one thing….the FEELING of the sweet that it brought into my life.

I hang on to the sweet like nothing I’ve ever hung on to before, because I want to savor the sweet, I want to honor and appreciate the sweet, I want to FEEL the sweet and not turn away from it so that I make the sweet unimportant.

Because when I do that, I turn my sweet, bitter.

I truly hope that for all of you 2021 is the sweetest year of all.