How Pets See Reincarnation & Death

Animal reincarnation


Everything I know about reincarnation and death I learned through talking with the animals.

Through many different sessions, with many different animals we’ve discussed the idea of death (they refer to it as transitioning), life and reincarnation, and I think it’s time I shared it with you.

Here are some answers to some of the more “popular” questions I’ve been asked over the years.

1 Do animals reincarnate? The answer is yes, they do in fact we ALL do. And over the last 6 years I’ve noticed an immense increase of animal reincarnations, some of these have been animals who come back to the same person they left because they believe that there is still work to be done with them.

2.  Why are they reincarnating? Here’s the more involved answer: Before 6 years ago, I would have perhaps had one or maybe 2 reincarnations from my animal clients a year. Today, I have lost count at how many animals are coming back into other bodies but back to the people they had before.  It began to change with the vibrational shift of consciousness that we are currently experiencing began to grow and strengthen. The energies and vibrations of this planet and the planets around us and beyond are being raised up higher and higher as more and more people and animals are raising their personal energies though connection with Divinity, Star People, Angels, Guides, dreams and astral travel. The more you raise your vibration the more the vibrations of those things and beings around you begin to raise as well. We are leaving behind the thoughts, ideals and actions of the old and bringing back the “magic” that once was. The animals know this and they know that this is a very exciting time and they want to be a part of helping to bring the energies of this world bigger, better and raised higher, they refer to it as a “calling” and this calling is usually to come back to those they left so they can experience it in a new body with the ones they love. Some animals feel this “calling” but stay on the higher planes of Non-Physical (Heaven) to do their work from there because they are more powerful there. Ordinary people, animals light workers, creatives, spiritual leaders, and uplifters, everyone, is being asked to raise their vibrations to meet the rising wave of the changing Universe, and many are. But the animals see that there are many who are not. they are lost and need help and they want to come back to help as many of them as possible, for the wave will only get stronger and for those who don’t raise their vibrations to ride it will consumed by it.

3. Do animals reincarnate as people and vise versa? Again the answer to this question is yes but not always. I’ve had sessions with animals who were human in a past life, and humans who have been animals in theirs and then there are the souls who want to experience their lives over and over again as the same species. It really is about what kind of experience on Earth the soul would like to have, some souls want to know what it’s like to live life as both human, and animal, some want to stay a specific type (or breed) of animal for many lifetimes, some want to change it up and live life as different wild or domesticated animals. Some souls stay human lifetime after life time and some animals never change. It’s always up to the individual soul.

4. Can souls inhabit a body that is already being inhabited by another? Yes, and many people have experienced it, maybe even yourself. It is usually happening when a person or animal “suddenly changes” they way they talk, move or act. They will seemly become someone else, for example your dog does something or acts like another animal you’ve lost or a relative or friend who has passed on. Souls are limitless, they can move from one body to another effortlessly one soul either moves out or moves to the back the let another come forth. This gives the soul of the transitioned a chance to be back in the physical world to relay a message, or to bring comfort to their people. The dame could be said for souls that come in to inhabit a body that is already inhabited by another soul. The soul of the being already here; either moves out permanently to new body or goes back to Non-Physical to live or to wait for their body to be ready or born. Souls have contracts that we arrange when we’re “back home” in Non-Physical. The contracts can be about who’s the mother or the child, the dog or the cat, the brother or the sister and it can also be about which soul comes in first resides in a body, for how long and what happens when the second soul comes in for their turn. Contracts are agreements that are made for that being’s life experience here on Earth. They are also about how long a soul will be on this plane before they transition.

5. How do animals view “death”The majority of animals do not see death (or transitioning) as we humans do, they see it simply as exchanging energy that moves from one place to another, the energy still exists, nothing can destroy it but it’s not in a physical body anymore. Because of this they are not as attached to the physical as humans are, they see spirits easily and don’t quite understand how we don’t. It’s simply a “matter of tuning yourself to the spirit’s frequency in order to see it. Animals taught me that the lives that we all live here help us to become better souls in Non-Physical. that when any being steps through the doors their experiences here on earth help their souls to develop, to grow to expand and become more and because of that Non-Physical itself becomes even better; that with each soul that returns it transforms it something even more magnificent. If no souls came down here (if we all stayed in Non-Physical) where everything is perfect and manifests as soon as it is asked for, then Non-Physical would eventually stop growing, becoming stagnant and eventually dying. The animals taught me that good, bad or ugly the life that is lived here means something that it all works to make our souls home in Non-physcial a better place. Armed with this knowledge animals do do fear death as humans do, the embrace it, they celebrate it and they see that no matter what kind of life they live here on Earth that every single one of them does it’s part to make this world and Non-Physical a better place. Please understand I’m NOT saying that this means that animals like being hurt, or mistreated it does mean that they have a “Christ-like” focus on the bigger picture where they see all the beings in their lives playing a part to help their soul contract come into being. Their natural way of seeing “death” is as something to be celebrated a “job well done” kind of mindset, it will always be a symphony of incredible beauty, perfect timing and celebration.

As humans our natural way of feeling about reincarnation and transitioning is the same as the animals, we come to this plane knowing the truth about both and not fearing either which is our natural way of thinking about the subjects. But over time and listening to the fears from society we begin to fear things that we shouldn’t, for what we don’t understand we generally fear, instead of trusting. Animals are wonderful teachers for compassion, honesty, love but they are also amazing teachers on how life truly is and how it is to be lived, they have been my guides for life as well as for “death” they’ve opened my eyes to unlimited possibilities and untold acts of kindness, they have expanded my concepts and broken down the barriers of a societal limitations. They’ve taught me that nothing is impossible and shown me how to live with grace and (should the time come) how to transition with it as well.




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  1. I am so happy you wrote the post as it has been the subject of many or our conversations we have had together. In looking at the picture you posted I could see the yellow lab so of course I think of Sammy Diva. Whether she comes back or not we shall see.

    Great post! Lots of answers to questions!

  2. My biggest fear is that my babies will come back and not to me, but to an abusive situation. Scares me to death for them.

    My little Angus is my heart and soul and losing him scares me to death and brings tears to my eyes, but him coming back to an abusive situation is almost unbearable for me.


  3. I know that thinking about it is hard Rhonda, and hopefully there will come a day when animals are not mistreated, but animals have taught me a clarity to see the bigger picture in terms of the importance of the experience of life. It’s what I hold on to when I too ask why did something happen to an animal.

    Your Angus, is a powerful being who is creating his life just as you and I are. Don’t focus on what MAY happen or was HAS happened, focus on the fact that right her and right now Angus has manifested a beautiful life with you, he found you and you found him, that’s all that matters. Whatever he chooses for his his next life will be written when he’s ready to write it and no matter what he will be ok. Love you both you and your furrkids

  4. Dearest Coryelle: Thank you so much for this beautiful article. The way you describe it, is just as I thought it was. I have always laughed and said, that my cat “Shaman”, a benegal that was rescued from Canada, was the same soul of my sister’s dog, when I was growing up. Before I left to go to my Grandmother’s for a visit, I sat with her and cried, and I said good bye, because I knew when I returned, she would no longer be alive. I was about 5-6 years old. She was my confident in a disfunctional childhood. I would never have survived without her. She is now here with me again in my Benegal. It has been confirmed that he is the same soul that was with me. <3

  5. Patricia, thank you for sharing Shaman’s story with me, I’m so so happy that you found each other again and wish you and Shaman the most joyous of lives together. much love to you both.

  6. I recently had a sweet little soul come into my life for a single day. He was a tiny little newborn animal separated from his litter. When his mother did not return for him I scooped him up and spent the next 24 or so hours trying to keep him alive & the last few hours of his life simply comforting him & loving him as he passed on. I’m broken-hearted that I couldn’t save him and I’m left wondering why we came together so briefly. I’m crying as I type this because he really touched my heart & I feel like I failed him. Many people have said one less rat in the world is a good thing but I believe all life matters & he certainly mattered to me. I hope his little soul is content and remembers me as fondly as I remember him.

  7. Hi Tara, I agree with you all life does matter and some common for a brief experience not this plane and then they leave, having grown and expanded from their time here, which in turns makes Non-physical (heaven) grow and expand and become more. It can’t if no one comes to this plane to play, it would just keep at the same frequency and at the same level. You might want to look a the episode I did on soul plans and life plan for my show, the Animal Experience
    I hope it helps you to understand, and thanks for doing what you did for the sweet boy, I know she appreciated.
    P.S. Rats are awesome 😉

  8. Hi Coryelle. You write beautifully, from the heart and it is clear that you speak from much experience. I imagined that my cat child would return looking and sounding like her old self, but another kitten just turned up, a boy with different colouring, many similarities but how can a person really know if it is their reincarnated furbaby? Two pet psychics i spoke to had very very different things to say. I have tried learning to astral travel to see what my cat looks like now (can that work?) but my skills are lacking and not sure if it is just lucid dreaming, i “met” a few cats during these experiences but there is no telepathic communication between us. Should we be actively looking for our reincarnation pets and just hope we recognise them or will they find us? My transitioned cat visited me a few times on the bed while I’m waking from sleep, the last time was after the new kitten turned up and it didn’t happen again. Been trying to do animal communication but i just don’t hear them, they can hear me better than before though, so that’s a start. Thank you for all you do, you explained things that i could feel but thought it was just my fanciful imagination – like how things are becoming more magical and miracles happen more and more, and how what happens in the physical can affect the non-physical. I feel too when i raise my vibration the kitten starts acting more like my spirit cat. But how do we know for sure? And if they are in a new body, is it permanent or can they jump into a new body if one becomes available that they would prefer? Thank you.

  9. Hi Maddi, WHEW! that’s quite a bit of questions you threw my way, I’ll try to answer everything but you should also watch the 2nd episode of Season 1 which was all about reincarnation.

    1. You just know, it’s not a logical thing it’s a more of a feeling and emotional thing and inner knowing that it’s your reincarnated animal
    2. Yes astral traveling to see your reincarnated animal can work, so can getting into a meditative state
    3.Both, they find you, but you also just know (or sense) when they are ready to come back, again it’s a inner knowing
    4. (even though this wasn’t really a question) You should try taking a AC course to hone your abilities, and FYI I have a one on one AC course available, it’s a insensitive course where I work with you and you alone to bring out the best in your AC skills
    5. Again, it’s a knowing, you’re overthinking it AC is not a thought process, it’s a feeling process (at least at first) then, when you get better at it you can bring the logical mind into what you’re getting but at first the logical mind will tell you that you’re a nut job for trying to talk to a being with fur or feathers.
    6. Usually when they find the right body, they stay in that body, but I’ve had animal clients who came into one body, then found that body lacking so they jumped into a one that was more healthy and stable.

    Hope I answered everything for you, good luck with your journey with AC

  10. I just lost my cat (really my husband’s cat) last week. And, feel as if I lost a soul partner of sorts. I know it’s wishful thinking but refuse to believe he won’t come back to me. I need him and hope he wants to be with me again. How and where can i find him? I heard they will find you. Could he just walk up to my house? What if I’m not in tune with myself to listen to the signs of the universe, and then don’t know where and when to be somewhere? Any sugestions on how to be in tune? If I chose a kitten in the months to come could he possibly take over thier soul to be with me? How can i find my baby? Anything helps. Thank you.

  11. Hi, I’m very sorry to hear about your missing furkid, I usually suggest that if you’re home is a house on a street, that you get a lawn sign made up with a image of your cat, contact info and if you want to put that there is a reward (don’t put the $ amount) and put that on your lawn for people to drive by and see. it’s better than flyers because the eye tends to miss those. I would also try to get quiet and just lightly connect to him and attach a cord to his heart, leading to the front door of your house. Animals feel energy better than we do and he might be able to follow that cord back home to you. I wish you all the best with this, and send positive juju that your furkid comes home.

  12. Sorry I wasn’t specific. Must be my state of mind. he has passed away. And wanted to know if how I can find him in the next reincanration. Also, I’m not sure of he will be reincarnated. Any insights?

  13. Hi, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding on my part and for the loss of your cat. If you can get quiet and be in a set where you not invested in the answers you receive then I would say try talking with him on the subject. If you’re having a hard time hearing him then I would suggest doing a animal communication session either with me or some of the Ac’er who is familiar with animals reincarnating back to their people. Wishing you all the best in this situation.

  14. I loved my cat Misses before I even met her! I volunteered at a rescue just to meet her. She was terribly scared as some kids had tied firecrackers to her tail and it had to be amputated as a result. We were also alike in just about every way. Both angry and both disliked people! We were 2 peas in a pod and I loved her with all my heart. We both got sick around the same time. I survived, she did not. During this time, my sister took in Tinkerbelle. She has the sweetest temperament. They looked identical, all the same markings except Tink had no tail while Misses had a remaining “nub” and Tink was long and lean while Misses was short and chubby. Before Misses passes away, sister passed away and ever since, I have taken care of Tink. I have changed a lot during this time. I’m no longer angry at the world and do not hate, but choose love and compassion daily. I believe one of two things:
    1. Misses was sent to me to help me thru my sisters death and her temperament was matched to mine at that time while Tink was sent here to usher in my awakening and her temperament was matched to what mine was going to become.
    2. Misses reincarnated as Tinkerbelle. Even tho they were both alive at the same time, I believe this can happen. There is no time in Heaven and we do not have to incarnate here in a linear fashion. Its plausible for “me” to encounter a different “me” (without knowing) in this same timeline, so why shouldn’t animals be able to do the same. I think it is possible Misses’ soul grew from all the care and love I gave her in that life that she was able to come back as the sweeter Tinkerbelle in this life. Further, Misses’ tail was injured in her lifetime so she came back as Tink with no tail. I’ve heard injuries or cause of death in one lifetime leave a scar or mark in the next.

    Does this sound possible? I look at Tink and she has so many of the same markings and mannerisms as Misses. Not to mention over time her long, lanky body has somehow become exactly like Misses’ was and her long legs appear much shorter. She left while I was still very sick. She may not have wanted to leave me in that predicament. Further, my best friend also just passed on and if it not for Tinkerbelle/Misses, I may not have survived all this loss and tragedy that stuck so suddenly and so close together.

    Whether they are one or two separate souls, without their love and companionship, I never would have been able to withstand all my tribulations and become a better person thru it all. I owe my life to them and only wish more people understood that animals are really angels and deserve to be treated as such!

  15. What a wonderful and touching story of your kitties and your sister Tracy, thank you for sharing it. I loved reading about how both of these delightful beings came into your life both at times when you needed them the most. It’s amazing to read how they bathed helped you in such difficult and dark times and were able to support during your friend and your sister’s passings. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    I haven’t come across an experience exactly like yours so I don’t know if Tink is Misses at the same time they were both alive, but I have experienced a soul that inhabits a body for a time until another has soul who is still living then transitions. This benefits both souls of the Animal’s involved it gives a soul a chance to be here but not for a full lifetime but still gain knowledge and insights about living life and it keeps the physical body ready to the other soul who is closes to leaving ready for it to slip right back into physical life once again. I’m not sure if that is exactly what is goin got with Misses and Tink but all I can say is if that resonates with your heart then it more than likely is the case.

    I wish you and your Animals all the very best.

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