Animal Reincarnation: jOURnEe’s Story

 a few years ago I wrote a post on what the animals have taught me about Death & Reincarnation, many people have written back to me, since then to let me know that the post helped them to understand the death of their own animals and to gain more insight on what happens to them when the transition AND, if you’re one of the lucky ones, how and why they reincarnate back to this life to be with you once more.

Such a thing is currently happen for my clients Jen & Neely Elvidge Jen’s beloved dogs Betty Boop and Bree had transitioned in 2015, leaving her heart broken and lost. I did a reading for her in 2015 and told her that her dogs told me that Bree would be coming back and Betty Boop would be popping into her body every so often.

She wrote about it on her site and thought I’d share about it because it’s WONDERFUL example of the process of reincarnation straight from the source, the reincarnated animal’s person. And I’m blessed to have been a part of it.

Please take a moment and read the story of jOURnEe’s journey back to the people she loves