Animal Spirit Guides: Interpreting Their Messages For Each Other

Recently, I had the pleasure of teaching a 4-week workshop entitled “Discovering Your Animal Spirit Guides, A Journey Within”
For me it was an absolutely fantastic experience. The energy from the students, the questions, the discoveries that we shared over the 4 weeks became better and better as the workshop progressed.
To see you (my students) becoming more and more comfortable and opened to your guides was a gift that I will never forget.

Many of my students told me that you were sad that the workshop had to end, because they had looked forward to the camaraderie and sharing of each other experiences and encounters. They had been sharing with me your encounters and dreams and I think that it is time that they were shared like we did in the workshop.

I THOUGHT that this post should be only for my students in the class, but then I had an idea… Why not put up a post where everyone can come and write about encounters, dreams, and perceived messages from their Animal Spirit Guides. After all the saying is “The More the Merrier!” This post will be for the students of my Spirit Guide Workshop and for YOU, the public,  to come and share all of  your wonderful dreams, experiences and encounters with Animal Spirit Guides.

A Bouncing Off Place… This is also a place to bounce ideas and thoughts about what a message, encounter, or dream might mean for someone else who has left it here to be thought upon.  It can also be a place where you the public can leave your encounter and my students can come and give you their insights into what they think your animal spirit guide encounter might mean.

It is such an amazing feeling to find a group of people and be able to talk, and share about this marvelous world and the extraordinary Animal Guides that teach us all so much,  if we just open ourselves to it.

So to the public and to my students I hope that this is something that you will enjoy doing and using,

now … let’s get to sharing
Mitakuye Oyasin (Sioux for “We are all one”)
Coryelle Kramer
Animal Communicator

photo of Animal Spirit Guide, Guide can be found here

15 Replies to “Animal Spirit Guides: Interpreting Their Messages For Each Other”

  1. Thank you and congratulations on getting this up. I’m very excited about all the possibilities this space holds.
    Here is my latest animal spirit encounters – dreams from earlier in the week:

    The past few days have been mind blowing
    In the past 3 days I’ve had two animal dreams and in both of them I’ve been bitten
    What the name of heaven is that all about?
    First dream Ray, our blind male Rottie, took my hand in his mouth and bit down across 4 fingers – didn’t break the skin but applied a tremendous amount of pressure and I couldn’t get him to release me; I also couldn’t manage enough sound when I screamed to get anyone to come help – I started banging the table with my other hand hoping that would make enough noise
    Woke up before I found out

    Then last night (or this morning) I was running in the forest approaching a clearing I often walked through, but this was a different time of day and as I approached I realized there was a huge herd of deer –easily 100 of them all sizes and ages. I tried to stop silently and quickly so as not to startle them. I slid down to the ground against a small hill. Of course they heard me and took off all together in the opposite direction. Then I realized that just by my head at the top of the small hill was a baby deer curled up (sleeping I think) – with it’s curled back of spots facing me… then all at once a large grown deer or horse (I’m think now it was probably a doe… probably the baby’s momma) came around the corner of the hill toward me and kept coming towards me

    I tried to say soothing , reassuring things – then probably fearful things – in any case it came right up to me, leaning over me (I’d raised my left hand to my face at some point) and bared its teeth (that’s when it looked like a horse to me) and chomped down on my index finger. Again, I don’t think it broke the skin and I woke up before there was further resolution

    It feels like a message is desperately trying to get through to me but I haven’t a single clue.
    Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

    Can’t wait to hear people’s thoughts – all-tingley with anticipation – Syd

  2. Hi Sydney,
    Yes, I am excited about finding out how this post will be used as well!
    Wow! what amazing dreams you have my Dear.
    First I feel like the fingers really mean something, I don’t know if it replresnts biting or them taking you by the hand and trying to lead you to somthing.
    The dog took the 4 fingers (almost in the way a person taking oyu by the hand would) the deer it was your index finger (or your pointing finger as I call it) the gfinger you sue to signal to someone to come closer or to be quiet or to point something out.
    The fact that both times you could not use your voice to communicate feels to me as through the message is words are not important, actions are more important.
    or like the old saying “Actions speak loud than words“.
    Maybe that is your message.
    Also ask yourself what has been going on in your life in the days leading up to your dream.
    Perhaps there is something that ties into your present life and your dream life.
    Well that was my 2 cents and a nickel, can’t wait to see what others think.

  3. Hello Val!
    Thanks so much for your comment, what a wonderful thing to say.
    That is a huge compliment coming from you and I truly appreciate it.
    I love working with my spirit guides, they bring so much to my life.
    They can come to us in so many way, in our life’s travels, in our dreams and mediation.
    My guides are so much fun to work with, they simply make me feel so connected to all that is.
    We are so guided and helped more than we know.
    Thanks again for commenting.

  4. Happy 2010 everyone – I hope you’re enjoying the entry into this new decade

    Here’s another interesting for you all; especially Coryelle – because you my dear had a starring role
    I was attending some kind of gathering, like a house party of some sort. Feeling a little ill at ease because I didn’t know many people but not totally uncomfortable because I knew that it was a group of like-minded people.

    I saw Coryelle sitting at one end of a couch next to a small snack table – and I was delighted to see a familiar face. As I sat down and we began chatting I was more than a little surprised to realize the “snack” in the bowl was dry cat food.
    As I started to ask why were snacking on kitty food; and why had the host/ess put kitty food out in a big chip bowl – my partner woke me up because I was going to be late for work.

    I tried to go ‘back to the dream’ that morning and again for a few nights but it had slipped out of my grasp…or perhaps that was its natural end.

    So – thoughts comments – are you feeling particularly feline these days Coreyelle? 🙂 – Any one else out there have any ideas?

    Thanks – looking forward to comments – l.ska

  5. Hi there!
    Well that certainly is a interesting dream you had!
    Do I feel feline? Nope more a little bear-like with all the snow I feel like I am hibernating!
    Dry cat food at a party, well that brings a whole new meaning to the words party mix!
    It could be that our common bond of both having felines in our lives and with you being in a place where you did not know many of the people there, that common bond came out with us chatting and the sharing of kitty chow. Also since we have had the connection of doing this wonderful workshop together and animal guides being so prevalent in both our lives, that your mind thought…why should we not eat like them too.
    Either way it is a great dream and thanks for sharing it Sydney.
    Would love to know if anyone else has an idea of what it could mean.

  6. I was given a symbol of a baby deer and the words release me. I know nothing of animal symbols. I can find stag deers but not baby deers and their meaning. Can someone help me with this.


  7. Hi Carol, It’s so nice to meet you.
    Messages from the animals can be SO powerful can’t they?
    Yours sounds like it was a very powerful one indeed.
    For me personally when I want to try to interpret anything from an animal,
    first want to see how it relays to the present situations in my life and how I have been reacting to them. If I am too much in my own head or being
    too hard on myself or not trusting them I take the animals attributes and apply them my life.
    For me when I think of deer I immediately think of an animal that is PURE instinctual and intuitive.
    Deer rely heavily on their sense of knowing and trusting their gut feelings.
    They are also of course gentle beings, graceful and loving.
    Putting into the mix that it was a BABY deer with the words “release me”
    When the baby deers are born they are SO trusting, so loving, and so gentle with everything they touch.
    This could mean to RELEASE your instincts and TRUST your intuition on something that might be currently going on in your life.
    BUT to be easy and loving about it, don’t try to force anything or try to make the decision happen be gentle with your intuition NAD with yourself.
    I hope that these is something there to help you.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I feel so blessed to have come across your blog…You are so very connected with your amazing interpretations. I have always been connected to animals and they show up in my life during certain times. I was recently in a workshop with a Shamon and when I closed my eyes, the eyes of a wolf were looking into me. It was such an amazing and intense experience. Also, I was driving home from the city one day and put on a John Denver song. I had an extremely rewarding and amazing connection many years ago with him and worked with several of his musicians. Well, as I said I was driving home from a doctor appointment and feeling DONE with doctors and would move to a healthier mindset. As I turned on the CD player, the song Eagle and Hawk came on and my thoughts turned to my amazing experience in Colorado and John Denver. Well, behold in the middle of an urban section of the city a Hawk flew onto the lightpole in the middle of the highway!!!!!!!! Just thought I would share this with you….

  9. Hello Maura,
    What a fantastic experience! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    When we are open and allowing (as you obviously were when you were listening to John Denver) it is truly amazing that the animals,
    being all about vibrations can sense someone is in tune with them, and open to them, and then come to them no matter where we are.
    As you shared with us, that Hawk did with you in a big city. I love hearing abut these experiences, I get goosebumps.
    I would encourage you to keep track of all these experiences, and then sit quietly sometime
    and think and then intuitively try to FEEL what messages these beings are trying to give you.
    Many Blessings to you.

  10. Hi Coryelle and fellow animals

    I had another dream – well this time it may have been somewhere between dream and meditation – at least it had started as a meditation/rampage of appreciation as I was dozing off. As I got to “I appreciate all the possiblities before me” I got a little internal static reminding me that meant having to make a decision; having to choose…wanting all the possibilties to be doable now…choosing means risk of making the wrong choice of grabbing the least at the expense of the best…oh the rambling was damn near maddening. Then came the realization that having all those possibilities was still oh so much sweeter than being backed into a corner with no options at all. So I tried saying it again to see if it resonated any differently with me that time when all of a sudden I was in the dark on something like a pier or dock and noticed the twitching nose of something under a wall of crates…and then out shimmied a little skunk. It was probably the size of a young teenager (not a full size skunk but bigger than a baby) – it didn’t appear scared or agitated just rooting around about its business – not the slightest bit concerned or interested in me.
    First I thought – oh sh*t while I’m over here dabbeling in all my possibilities there’s a huge stink bomb brewing up behind me. And then something said – not at all – as long as you’re not focusing on it and needling it – there’s no stink bomb at all…. in fact it only looks like a potential stink bomb to others.

    So I’m interpreting this encounter as a reminder to keep my own counsel – continue dabbeiling and focusing on all the ‘feel good’ possibilities and quietly let that potential stink bomb saunter on about it’s way without concerning myself with it anymore than it is concerning itself with me.

    Oh yes, I also believe it was a female skunk – though I’m not sure why.

    Ok – now I’m off to go look up skunk and see what others have to say
    Would love to hear everyone else’s impressions too

    Snuggle up against the blustery day – and have fun – big hugs – l.ska

  11. Hello Sydney!
    I am so glad that you share your wonderful visions with us, I find them so interesting and beautiful.
    The interpretation of the vision of skunk is wonderful. As I said in our workshop “Whatever the end interpretation is…it is most important that it resonates with YOU, it is after all YOUR message, your guidance”

    I myself have come across a live skunk twice each time I was struck by how beautiful, gentle and sweet they were. Funny enough, when I receive my messages from skunk, smell never comes into the picture. For me Skunk really represents sexuality, allowing yourself to be free and expressive in a non-judmental comparative way. She also tells me to open up all my senses to the world around me. Sometimes we get caught up in only using our eyes to see, or our ears to hear. But skunk shows that opening up all your senses to the energies of the world, including your heart is the best way to truly SEE the world.
    Thanks again Sydney for sharing your dream/vision with us.

  12. I have been asking for animal spirit guides. Yesterday, a bull snake showed up in what was supposed to be a snake proof area. I had mistaken it for a rattle snake at first and was terrified of it. With the help of my sister in law we got it out. I think it was so annoyed that it left the way it got in. A big hole in a wall that no one would ever have found. I am grateful that we now can plug the hole and no rattler can get in. What I am sad about is, that I was not able to overcome my fear and let the snake into my life. Do we get more chances than one to see and meet our animal spirit guides?

  13. Hi Hanne,
    What a great question, thanks so much for asking it!
    the answer is yes, there are always opportunities to renew your connections with your animal spirit guides.
    They are not like us humans, they usually have a lot more patience!
    But I would not be so fast as to think you “missed an opportunity” with the snake that already came to you.
    Think about it, she might have been there for protection, to let you know “Hey there’s a hole here and if I can get in then so can those rattlers!”
    I could not think of a more powerful example of you asking for a animal spirit guide and you get that kind of message. I think that you are truly connected to the animals much more than you think.
    I also think that you intuitively listening to her and plugging that hole shows that even snakes may not be your favorite animal, you moved past your fear, heard the message and got it!
    Give yourself a pat on the back that is HUGE!
    Way to go Hanne, thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  14. Hi-

    I have been recently meditating to discover my spirit guides. I was actually a little shocked to find my first meditation full of animals, not people. I saw a horse, deer, chipmunk, squirrel, bird and of all things, to my mind, a skunk. Meditating a second time a day later, the skunk with a beautiful white stripe came right on in, sat on my lap, and when the meditation was over hopped off my lap and eyed me saying “Look for me” is such an easy-going but really really confident way.

    I have been trying to research this. can you advise me at all? Much thanks if you can, and peace if you cannot.

    Sincerely, Brian Kerr, Baltimore, MD. USA

  15. Hi Brian, it’s great to meet you, thanks for posting your animal spirit encounters on my blog, I’m honored.
    Bravo, in intuitively interpreting what Skunk said to you, you did it exactly the way it should be, by not trying too hard and just letting the meaning for the look skunk gave you come right through.
    Here’s a couple of quick meanings for skunk and what they mean to me:
    Asking you to look deeper within regarding either a person or certain situation, not to just look at the outside and taking it at face value for being good or bad but to really see what’s going on by digging a little more.
    Another meaning that comes to mind for skunk is to stand your ground in those things that are important to you and don’t be so willing to let them go too quickly.
    I also believe that when the animals come to us and make physical contact they are letting you know that you have been brought into their clan.
    I do spirit guide discovery readings should you like to have your skunk encounter and the others fully interpreted then simply go to my shop and purchase a spirit discovery reading.
    All the best to you and your animal guides.

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