Why Do Birds Sing? A Goldfinch Animal Communication

This is a questions that I had always been curious about but would forget to ask.

I guess it is kind of like trying to remember to ask a person why do they walk in shoes? It is something that you hear or see everyday so you kind of forget that it is there.

So I was in my house in beautiful upstate New York and a Goldfinch fly by and perched on the tree outside my window one day. Then I suddenly remembered to ask the question. So I did

The bird answered. ”When we sing we are giving thanks and praise to the Oneness” (he meant the Universe, Source or God if you will)

I asked, “Is this every time you sing?

The Bird answered “Yes, every time we sing there is thanks or praise in what we are saying” Then I asked, ”What do you give thanks for?” The bird says” We are in constant communication with the Creator, we thank the Creator for the Sun, The air, the winter, that helps to bring new growth, everything”.

He went on to say, “we sing also just because we are happy and want to let the Creator know that we appreciate and love the Earth and all it’s bounty, that is what we are singing when we sing”. I asked “But I have seen birds talk to (or seemed to) one another and fight and voice their anger”. “What is happening when that occurs?”

The goldfinch answered  “We talk to one another have conversations, sometimes we are asking the Creator to help solve our differences or to send rain or to send Sun” the bird then said “But no matter what we say, there is always praise or thanks in what we say, we want all that we ask to be beautiful sounding, that is why we sing as we do.” he then said “When the Oneness hears our questions or praise or thanks, it is a beautiful, happy and joyous sound…always

The goldfinch then told me “Whatever you say to the Oneness, say it with beauty and joy” then he said, “Try it”

I thanked the bird and he began to sing.

I finally had my answer to my question!

The singing though, is something that I till do when no one else is around!

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