Use music to communicate!

No, you don’t have to learn how to play an instrument in order to tap into your natural communication skillz. You just have to find the right music that taps you into your natural communication skillz.

How does music do that?

By relaxing and soothing the conscious mind or the left brain which is telling you that animal communication is simply not possible.

When we find music soothing the conscious, left brain mind moves to “the back” and the unconscious, right brain mind begins to step forward. When this happens you begin to feel inspired, open, connected and receptive to many more things.

How do I then communicate with my pet?

Simple, sit with them. They don’t have to be next to you or even lying on you (although that’s wonderful if they are). You simply have to be in the same room with them. Use the music to guide you to feeling calmed and relaxed; in this state you are more receptive and “open” to communications not only to your animals but to entities like your animal spirit guides or your divine connections to god/goddess/angels etc.

Keep in mind that it’s not about stopping your thoughts. So many people think it is and then get frustrated when it doesn’t happen. Want to know a secret? You can’t stop thoughts, even the yogis themselves can’t do it. The goal is to make the pause IN BETWEEN the thoughts as long as possible. THAT’S how you tap in., slowing the mind down but not stopping the thoughts that WILL come in.

Next, sit and simply BE with your animal.

When you feel calm and relaxed and open, that’s the perfect pathway into talking with your animal or just sitting with them and seeing what comes through. It could be hearing words in your head or seeing something in your mind’s eye, such as an image or a color or an object. It could be feeling a sensation in your body. If you feel like you’re thinking too much just listen to the music some more until you feel like you’ve put your left brain thinking cap back on the shelf.

What is the best music to do this?

THIS is where a lot of people get tripped up, they’ve been told it has to be this type of music always or that type of music. But music is a wonderful universal tool that can be molded for each and every individual to help them connect. There is no right or wrong music to listen to, the TIP is to just make sure the music is soothing to YOU and your animal.

Remember to change it up!

I have about 100+ playlists on Spotify, with quite a few different types of music ranging from African Kora, Native American Flute, Indian sitar, to Tibetan singing bowl and jazz piano and binaural beats and lo-fi beat music. I have such a vast array of music because one day I’ll want to listen to something and it will really tap me in and then the next day I won’t be able to listen to that same music because I’m either not in the right head space for it or it’s simply not what I want to listen to at that moment.

Change up your music! Don’t get stuck in the same music rut, that is a way that some many people sabotage their connecting time. They think “this music was working, and now it’s not, I MUST be doing something wrong so what’s the point!” Then they stop trying to connect. Think of it like this…

You don’t always want to wear the same type of clothes every single day, right? I mean it’s nice to get dressed up fancy every once in a while but I’m not going to wear my nice clothes when I’m working in my garden. There’s a saying “variety is the spice of LIFE!” that goes for everything, including music.

How does this make my human relationships better?

I work with people to make their relationship with their animals even better. BUT I also have my website for humans to show them how to make the relationship with themselves AND others even better. I show people how to connect to their intuition to navigate the mind’s minefield of guilt and shame when it comes to their human relationships. For my work with people I call myself a PassionCultivator. CLICK HERE TO GO TO MY OTHER SITE.

So, how does this tip help you with your human relationships? I truly believe that you cannot really and truly connect to another human being unless you first learn how to connect to some sort of Divinity and your higher self. Many of us think “my relationships are what they are.” Or “my relationship seems fine, why change it?” My question would be “why NOT make them better if you could?”.

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