The Buffalo Medicine Card: Abundance

I was shuffling my Medicine Card deck the other day and a card flew out

For those who don’t know these are a set wonderful cards created by talented artist Jamie Sans and David Carson.

The card the flew out was Buffalo.
I stared at it for a moment a little startled, I have had this deck for about 7 years now, and I have yet to pull, pick or come across Buffalo.

As a sacred pipe carrier, and as a Native American, I know what powerful medicine Buffalo carries. As an adopted member of a PLAINS tribe I know what Buffalo means.

There is a wonderful story about White Buffalo Calf Woman that has been told many times.
But, I especially like John Fire Lame Deer rendition of the story.

So, for a few seconds I found myself staring at the card, then I became excited and I picked it up.

A tiny thread of electric went from the card and up my arm.
I KNEW that it was the right card for me, that it was the right time for me, and I opened my Medicine Card book and read what Buffalo represented and the book said: Prayer & Abundance.

Abundance, Now that was a word that I have been thinking about that word a lot lately
(there are no coincidences).
The Buffalo Medicine Card is about abundance. It says: “that abundance is present in your life when ALL relations are honored as sacred”.

I thought about that and found it tied in so wonderfully with the Abraham-Hicks recording that I had been listening to. Abraham had been talking about life being all about the contrast and why we have it in our lives.

Then I started to really think, yes all relations to the animals should ALWAYS be thought of as important and needed, but what about the relations between people.

The relations that we don’t deem as being so sacred and great. The neighbor next door that plays their stereo too loud, the woman in the store that walked into you and did not say sorry. The boss that never seems satisfied with the work. The father that did not love enough. The mother that might have drank too much, the dog that gave you such joy as a child, the cat that ALWAYS knew when you needed her. The horse that you used to go to and tell all your secrets to. ALL of these relations are sacred.

Sacred? even the “not so good stuff?” yeah I think so…..stay with me on this……

They are ALL sacred because they show us what we WANT and what we do NOT want from our lives and all of them, all of them helped us to grow as a person, to be the unique, marvelous person that we are today. For that reason alone they are sacred.

The abundance of contrast of life is something where we think if people would just do THAT, the world would be so much better, if they would not do THIS, the world would be so much better, but all of it gives us contrast so that we know what we DO want.

Besides, if everyone always did everything right how would we grow?

This is what I got from Buffalo.

I feel like I will be continuing to work with Buffalo a lot that she is now a power animal for me and that if I listen she will show me even more amazing insights.

Pida Miya Tatanka (Many Thanks Buffalo)

12 Replies to “The Buffalo Medicine Card: Abundance”

  1. Very good, Coryelle!
    The difference between sacred and profane is only in our perception, for nothing is outside Spirit.
    blessings and continued inspiration,

  2. Hello CG!
    Absolutely, I could not agree with you more many things are connected when we open our eyes to them. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  3. Hi Terry,
    Yes Indeed, animals have so much to teach us just like we learn so much from people.
    And Oh yes, I think the Universe absolutely wanted me to choose that card it did not even wait for me to try to pick it out it! The Universe pulled it out of the deck for me and said HERE!
    Thanks so much for your comment

  4. Hello Adam,
    Thank you so much I am truly glad that you enjoyed it.
    Intuition is what I live by and I am so glad that in listening to it, I was able to share something that resonated with you.
    all the best!

  5. Hi Coryelle,
    Great post! Perhaps the card chose you, instead of the other way around……?
    I think it’s very interesting that at this point in time you’re working with a card you’ve never worked with before. Same thing has happened to me; the energies have shifted and I think that different/new animals are choosing to work with us that represent that shift.

    Keep us posted on how Buffalo assists you.

  6. Hi Janet,
    I agree with you, the card definitely chose me alright. That is also very interesting you should mention the energy shift that you experienced. I have felt for sometime some of the guides I have been using have been changing or shifting to others. I believe that as we change and grow so do our guides. Thanks for your post!

  7. Hi Coryelle, I know you from the Horsewoman’s group. 🙂

    I like this post. I like how you think. And I like that picture, a lot.

    Peace, -Kate

  8. I really won’t know Sarai, I personally never use the books, I always read the cards intuitively I believe it gives more of a customized and persona message for my clients. I always toss the books because I find that it hinders my connection to the cards.

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