Dawn White ~ Award Winning Author

I really appreciate what you did for us. The changes in Lola and Lexy are subtle to someone else’s eye, but to mine they are huge.

They’re both doing well. I’m happy to announce that Lexy hardly ever goes on the counter! Once I caught her up there and I said “this isn’t compromising. You said to Coryelle that compromising is your new favorite word” – she looked at me and got down 😀
She used to be up there 10 to 15 times a day, so every now and then is a win. 
Lola is doing well, too. She’s still my little Rule Breaker. 
The energy in my apartment is so different now. Even my plants are doing better! Sometimes negativity rears its ugly head. I was meant to hear your podcast yesterday, and I have to remember to heal my shit when things get depressing. 

The biggest change, I think, has been with me. I feel like a totally different person. Before it was difficult to see a bright future, and now I plan and look forward to it every day. I was able to leave behind and let go of things that no longer served me and I gained a new perspective on life. So thank you. What’s amazing is that for me, the main focus wasn’t myself – it was the girls. I think I absorbed a lot of their healing, which is pretty amazing.