Anita Merrick

0I feel honored to know Coryelle for these many years. I commend her for her courage to follow her heart consistently into new experiences and places, always led by the spirits ever forward. Especially after her move to New Mexico, have doors and windows opened for her of which I share vicariously, of course, as I hear of her continuing amazing work with healing of people and animals.
She is one of the bravest intuitive mystics that I have ever met for she bravely stretches the silken threads of ability and heart ever farther. My own recent sessions for my three dogs was no exception – every detail on point, insights into their personalities from such a distance by land, but in the now of spirit, assisted me in understanding them on deeper levels than I had before.
I applaud her work with people and animals; but remain incredulous at how adept she is with connections to work with every species of the animal kingdom for the betterment of the world, as well as the healing of their entire species. I have never had the pleasure of experiencing a personal (human) session from her, but if her abilities with animals of which I have experienced several times, is any indication—all I can say is amazing.
By the gentle energy she exudes just being in the room with her, I can recommend her for every sort of guidance or healing and make note that much of it comes from or thru her learned skills, part from what she has learned via her spirit helpers, part from direct natural gifts she has learned to own and hone for much of her life; and the rest from a deep instinctual center within her heart center that cannot fail for she is (as some like to say) the REAL DEAL.
Therefore, I shall add my great admiration for this amazing woman that I am so proud to call an incredible colleague of the metaphysical, but even more so a real FRIEND.
Thank you Coryelle from me — Anita Merrick, Mystical Author or Crystal Wind, Certified Tarot Master/Medium/Clairvoyant AND from your clients: Storm, Argyle and the Senior Statesman, Whisper.