Agnes & Barry G. California

We recently had the wonderful opportunity for Coryelle to work with our poodles. Originally the concerns were for our younger one, Tali. But in the time that we worked with Coryelle, she extended her healing to our older poodle, Kaiser, also. We noticed a considerable improvements to both Tali and Kaiser’s wellbeing shortly after the first session!

To say that she is good at what she does seems like an understatement. Coryelle is a gifted animal communicator, healer, as well as an excellent teacher (to us humans). By being our poodles’ voice, she helped us to understand them on a deeper level.  Coryelle also taught us how to work with each of their unique animal dynamic(s) so that we could connect with them even more, on a deeper level. 

Coryelle is kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable. Most importantly, she loves what she does and truly wants to help us humans to understand and help our animals to be at their best. We (humans and poodles) truly appreciated working with her and loved our connection with her.