Cathe & Jim K. Maryland

We first discovered Coryelle when she was on Coast to Coast, AM Radio.

After listening to the show, we phoned her and made arrangements for a session to contact our departed poodle Sam. We sent her a photo of Sam and scheduled our first session. We learned that he was happy, which helped to ease our grief, and found out about what he was doing in the afterlife.We discussed his toys, his life events, and what he treasured most about his almost 17 years with us. So many wonderful memories!What was said was true and could not have come from anyone but Sam himself.

Coryelle is extremely good at animal communication and her kind, friendly approach to helping people and animals is effective and truly amazing.

Another time we contacted Coryelle to communicate with our new puppy to solve some behavior issues, of which there were many. We signed up for a block of sessions, hoping they would help. Before we were through the allotted number of sessions with Coryelle, our Anna’s behavior had improved dramatically.

We also learned that our new house had a very unhappy spirit in residence and he tormented our Anna constantly.Coryelle worked with a medium to contact this spirit, AND she connected with his dog, who actually calmed the spirit so he would cross over and they could be together again.After that, the house was a more peaceful place to be and Anna was much happier and settled.

We periodically ask Coryelle to contact Sam to see how he is doing in the afterlife and to reassure him he is still missed very much.

We are truly blessed to have this remarkable, loving lady in our lives!

In summary, Coryelle Kramer is the real deal and one of the best animal and human communicators in the country. She truly cares about those who contact her, both living and in the spirit world.