Flower Essences: Spotlight On Five Flower Emergency Elixir

When I first started to use flower essences, I was very much drawn to them. Something about their powerful simplicity really spoke to me. I then became a certified Flower Therapist and I have been using flower essences with my animal & human clients as well as teaching classes about the essences for the last 12 years and I love them!

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So far, I’ve put the Spotlights on, MimulusHeatherHoneysuckleCrab Apple, and Five Flower Emergency Essence. In each I talked about how these essences help to bring about re-alignment, emotional re-balancing, and Well-Being to your animal friend(s).

What are Flower Essences?

Essentially the way they work are at a being’s vibrational and emotions levels. The essences are vibrating at a higher speed and more POSITIVE level, then that of the current negative behavior. When taken, the essence opens up the blockage(s) and similar to a turning fork that is struck and put in a glass of water, re-tunes the body to the more positive vibrational level. This is bringing BACK an animal’s natural feeling of Well-Being and thus positive emotions and behaviors with it.

I have personally found that since an animal’s natural state is to be in a constant state of allowing and Well-Being and that they gravitate naturally towards nature and her healing power that results in animals are incredibly fast and can be very dramatic.

Please remember! Flower Essences are wonderful tools. However they are NOT a substitute for veterinary care. ALWAYS consult your Veterinarian on any cases dealing with your pet’s health even if you just suspect there might be a problem!

So, let’s continue to look at flower essences with putting…

The Spotlight on Five Flower Emergency Elixir…

This is a combination of 5 different essences: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, and Star of Bethlehem. All of which deal with the negative behavior that very often accompany stressful, or traumatic situations. For example, panic (rock rose) , the need to deny reality or the situation happening (clematis), sever exaggerated need to act immediately (impatiens), losing consciousness (star of bethlehem), and fear of losing control (cherry plum).

It is a very good essence to have around, I had gotten into the habit of keeping a bottle of  it with me all the times.
But remember to ALWAYS call your Vet in any cases of emergency!

What are common uses?:

Before surgery or after major or minor.

•Before going to the vet, doctor or dentist.

•After an animal has had a fight with another.

•Before/During or After a lighting or thunderstorm (many animals do not deal well with lightning or thunder they go into what could be called a minor shock state)

•Before any MAJOR change, here are some examples:
moving into a new home, going for a ride in the car, a child leaving for college that your animal is very close to, boarding your animal (TIP: leave the bottle with the kennel personnel so they can give it to your animal while you are gone), before showing your animal, before flying, Introducing a new animal into the household. For people before moving, beginning a new job, public speaking, interviews, etc you get the picture 😉

•After an accident for both people and animals (BUT Please remember folks.. an animal in pain EVEN your own, could bite, so be careful and if you have ANY doubts AT ALL then DO NOT DO THIS!) Please also CALL your VET or DOCTOR

•After Insect or animal bites (again if your animal is in pain remember they could bite YOU! so any doubts don’t do it)

•If you or your animal gets a sunburn (Yes you read right, animals can get sunburn. Lighter colored animals as well as dogs and cats with white ears can get sunburned on the tips and edges of the ears.

• For bruises or burns

• After an allergic reaction, or stroke

•A bird flying into a window

•When an animal or person becomes sick and you don’t know the reason (give the them some drops, then immediately call your vet or doctor!)

How do I give Remedies to my animal friend(s)?:

Normally putting the drops in the animals water works very well, and if you have a multiple animal household, don’t worry, the essences will not do anything to the other animals, unless they need it.

For small animals (cats, dogs): Give 2-3 drops in their water, from each bottle and then put new drops in whenever you change the water.

For bigger animals (Horses, Cows, Llamas, etc) anywhere from 8-16 drops on a slice of bread, or muffins have been know to work too! Or take an apple, cut it either in halves or quarters, then use a knife of stick to make small holes into each slice and then put the essences into each of the holes. That should do the trick!

If you do not notice even the SLIGHTEST of changes after a 24-72 hour period then it might mean your friend will need to try another essence.

Do you still have questions about flower essences?

Do you have more questions or are you interested in scheduling a session for your pet? Simply leave your questions by replying to this post or send me an email by using the “Contact Coryelle” form.

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