Episode 40 CBD Oil benefits for animals

Episode 40: CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Oil or Hemp oil is a new thing that many people swear by, not only for their animals but for themselves as well. What is it? What are it’s benefits? If you want buy it what are some things you should know before you do? How do you find the best CBD oil? And is it helping Animals? And if yes, how?

Here are the links I talked about in this episode.

The first is a woman run business here in Santa Fe NM and they have oil for both animals and people and I’ve used both for myself and my kittles.
The second comes doesn’t specifically make it for animals but the quality of their oil is wonderful and also comes highly recommended by a friend of mine who uses their oil for baking her CBD pet products.

FIRST ONE: (the dosages are on the back of bottles)https://cbdandmorestore.com/CBD_For_Pets/index.html

SECOND ONE: https://pluscbdoil.com



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