What Is Beauty?: Animal Communication From A Koi Fish

Over the years, I receive communications from many differernt types of animals. Having a house in beautiful Upstate NY also gives me the unique joy of being able to talk to wild animals as well.

But I also have a pond on my property and I was sitting feeding my fish this morning, there are a mix of comets (goldfish) and blue gill. But the ones’ near and dear to my heart are the 4 Japanese Koi fish that came into my life 6 years ago.

There were 5 Koi, but 3 years ago I lost one, her name was Starlight.
She was all white, beautiful, and had just a marvelous energy about her.
The other Koi are…

(multi-colored with orange, black & white). Named so because she has black spots on her back that look like someone with tiny feet walked on her back.

“Strong Black Tail”:
Bright orange with an amazing black tipped tail
Black Tail loves to thrash his tail around and make giant waves with it.

(pronounce Ma-Tie) (all white)
She named herself and told me what her name was when we first meet.
I have found out since then, that Mahtai means “Chief in Samoan. I did not know that until the day I looked it up on Google.
She used to be light yellow but then 3 years ago (right after Starlight transitioned) Mahtai made the decision to turn white.
She also made the decision at that time to go from being a he to a she.
my Koi friends are always keeping me guessing!

    And then there is
    Gold like the sun and named after the Egyptian Sun God, Rah is an extraordinary being and I am honored to call all of them my friends.

    So as I sat by my pond, getting ready to feed my friends, Rah of course was the first one that came over to me. I asked him “Do you have any wisdom to share with me today my friend?”
    Rah said: “Beauty cannot be seen unless you are ready to see it.”
    I asked: “Can’t that be said about anything?”
    Rah replied: “Ah yes, but with Beauty it is the most important of all. Beings cannot live without Beauty in their lives” he continued “You have to expect to see it, all the time, be excited to see it. For you never will know what Beauty will look like and if you think it should always look the same you will miss it”
    Then he paused and said “You have to expect it in your life but do not put conditions on
    HOW it should appear, that will take the enjoyment out of it.”

    Wise words from a wise being that I wanted to share with you.
    Thank you Rah.

    Rah Koi Fish communication
    July 27, 2009


4 Responses to What Is Beauty?: Animal Communication From A Koi Fish

  1. J August 1, 2009 at 8:51 pm #

    Hello Rah, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and enlightening words those who are ready to hear you. Coryelle, thanks for talking to Rah and sharing what he said.
    Harmony to all,

  2. Coryelle August 1, 2009 at 10:49 pm #

    Hi Janet,
    So great of you to stop by. You are most welcome, Both Rah and I, are both glad that you enjoyed reading what he expressed about Beauty. Many blessing to you.

  3. Coryelle August 16, 2009 at 12:37 pm #

    Hi Lumensilta,
    Thank you for stopping by, thank you for quoting Rah on your blog. He liked that!
    What a marvelous post, quite honest and beautiful.
    About your not being sure if you “deserve being able to hear the animals” Of course you do!
    Be easy about it all, don’t put to much weight on who is giving the messages. Like Rah said about Beauty “do not put conditions on HOW it should appear” Do the same when talking to animals. Don’t put conditions on WHO is giving the message. What I means by that is when it truly comes down to it, it is simply one being talking with another. The 2 legged being is just as important as the one with 4 legs or fins, and just as worthy to receive and give the messages as the other is.
    Just have fun with it and don’t worry about it just let it flow.


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