5 Ways You Can Talk With The Animals

Coryelle Kramer Animal Communicator

Many times people will say to me “I wish I could do what you do!”, and I always say the same thing “You CAN!”. In fact, you do it every day, it’s just that you’re not aware that you’re doing it. The difference between me and you is that I do it consistently and so can YOU.

In my workshops, I let my students know that doing any intuitive work is like going to the gym. When you first go you don’t start lifting the 100lb weights (well maybe some of you do ;-)) but normally you start off with the lighter weights and eventually build up to the heavier ones. This is the same with animal communication, the more you do it the stronger & better at it you become.

So, I put together 5 tips that will help start your journey with animal communication.

1. See All Animals As Equals

It’s really important that when talking with an animal you see them as your equal, we have a tendency to either put animals on pedestals believing that most humans are bad and animals are good, or the opposite seeing them from a vantage point of superiority and ignorance, believing that animals are less than humans, or not as smart, or unable to feel or reason like we do. Either mindset will keep you from hearing the communications and it holds you from truly opening up to them as well. Animals don’t see us as better or less than they are, they see every being as fellow beings with a purpose and living together, sharing lives and experiences. When you come from the place of thinking that someone is less or more than you are, you close yourself off to truly connecting with that being. For example, think about someone you REALLY admire, and now think how you would try talking to them for maybe the first time, coming from a place of pedestal admiration. You would perhaps be stuttering or flustered  which would be preventing you from being able to have a meaningful conversation, and hearing what they were saying to you. But, when you come from a place of equality, respect, openness and love for yourself and the animals, your communications come through stronger and more powerfully.

2. Trust In Your Intuitive Ability

When we came into this life we were so tapped into our intuitive abilities that we were magnificent beings to behold. As we grew, some of us (me included) stopped tapping in as often, maybe because we were told not to, or that we were told we were lying, or that it’s evil, or we wanted to fit in, or we simple stopped believing in it, the list goes on and on. But seeing all beings on this planet as living energy that you’re able to communicate and connect with IS the natural order of things. Seeing the world with limitations and separations is NOT, that’s why it feels so awful to us when we do it. We learned to ignore our inner guidance and we began to see the world in a limiting way, after a while it became “normal”. Tapping back into your natural intuitive ways is really easy but you have to TRUST that they exists. Now, do I always listen to my inner guidance, or believe that the communications that I’m getting are right? Well..honestly, yes I do….did I always? NOPE! It came from honing my skills.  Even if your trust doesn’t seem like it’s very big, it will grow and the more you tap into your natural intuitive abilities the more you’ll start to KNOW that it’s pure communication and nothing else. Especially when you begin to receive things that you would have never even thought of receiving, your imagination didn’t even come into play because the answer is something you would have never even thought of on your own.

3.  Slowing Down The “Mileage Mind” with Meditation

Meditation is a best way to slow down the chatter and clear your mind so that the communications come in more freely. Start slow, sit in a chair 2 minutes and just concentrate on your breathing. The goal is not to clear your mind of any and all thoughts. Thoughts will come in, let them, let them come in and float out like feathers and if you get stuck on a thought just bring your attention back to your breath.  Light a candle, put on some nice mediation music, listen to a guided mediation like the one that I’ve recorded the “Heart To Heart” Mediation it’s my 8 minute meditation guiding you through a technique that I use to communicate with animals. Guided meditations are great because they give you something to concentrate on other than the mind chatter. Whatever you use start off slow, 1 -2 minutes and adding another minute every day or every other day. Meditation is a powerful tool in helping you tap back into your animal communication abilities.

4.  Enjoy The Discovery Of How You Receive Communications

When you first begin this journey will will begin to notice HOW you receive your messages. The 3 most well-known are the 3 Clairs:  clairvoyance (Inner vision), clairaudience (inner hearing) and clairsentience (inner sensing or knowing). You may also receive, smells, tastes, and even sensation in your body. Take note of how you receive your communications it will show you which receiving modality is more powerful for you either Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic, you may even be a combination of 2 or even all three. Just allow the communications to come how they come. Try not to put limitations on your communications, just enjoy them and make note of how they come to you.

and last but not least…

5.  How Do You Get To Be An Animal Communicator?…..Practice, Practice, Practice!

Here today, gone tomorrow. When I was first learning German I took a class once a week I would do pretty well during the class and even a day or 2 after but by the following week my German had gotten lousy again. When I was LIVING in Germany and speaking the language every day my German speaking & writing abilities went through the roof. Animal Communication is another language, so do it as often as you can and make a habit of doing it. Talk you your pets, talk to your neighbor’s pets, talk to your boss’ pets, take a walk in nature and talk to the animals you meet there, communicate as much, and as often as you can. Soon you’ll be listening, learning and conversing with any animal that you choose. Animal communication can give you that DELICIOUS feeling of truly being connected to all living things and in no time it will begin to feel normal to you. A tip is to record your communications, either by writing them down or recording them digitally. I can’t tell you how often I have looked back in my book of communications to find delights and tidbits that I would have forgotten if I hadn’t recorded them, it’s also a great way for you to see how much progress you’ve made.

Have Fun!

Mitakuye Oyasin! (Dakota Sioux for “We are all one”)

45 Replies to “5 Ways You Can Talk With The Animals”

  1. Good Morning,
    I love the tips that you have given…and yes the more you use it the better you get! You are right about that and if course we don’t always practice…lol thanks for reminding me about the practice and thanks for all your help in figuring out my kitties…You have taught me much!!! thanks again my friend…connie

  2. Hi Connie,
    So glad that you enjoyed reading the tips and you’ve done such a great job with your communicating with your kitties. You do it know so often you have forget to TRY to do it and you just do it, without conscious thought and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Thank you for continuing on your journey with animal communication keep going you’re doing great!

  3. Those tips were really helpful! I really want to be able to talk and communicate with all animals but I guess you’re right about all the practice it’s going to take! I really love animals but I just have one question! Are we able to talk and communicate with animals that have passed away? To check whether they’re fine and okay? Or is this unlikely and not possible…… I would really like to know whether Toffee, an eleven month kitten who has white fur and some silver spotted tabby colour patches, is all right. She passed away you see. I would like to recieve a reply to my question! Thank you.

  4. Hi! Yes, I can talk to any animal no matter who they are or if they have passed on or not. We are all just energy, so I connect through the love you have for your animal and it’s so strong that it transcends time and space.
    I would be happy to connect to Toffee Sarah, you can go to my contact form, fill it out, send me a photo of toffee as well as seeing my sessions times and pricing click CONTACT CORYELLE
    I look forward to helping you & Toffee.
    With Joy,

  5. Your tips are right on. And yes, practice, practice, practice. But it’s so fun, it’s play and not work. We all have the ability to talk and listen to the animals, but just like everything else we want to be good at, we need to practice. Ask all your friends if you can talk to their animals.

    Thanks so much for this very informative website. I just found it and will be here often.

  6. Hi Su, I’m glad that you’re enjoying my website and found my tips helpful to you, I agree we can all talk to each another no matter if that being has fur, feathers or skin when we get over the mental hurdle of that the sky’s the limit with who you can communicate with.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi Coryelle! Your tips are great and inspiring! Please say what to do it there are not much animals around me? I’ve moved to a new city, even new country. Will it be as useful if I try talking to the trees or wild birds or my spirit guides? Will it hone the skill or is the corroboration nessessary?

    Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Galina,
    Even in a city there are animals, you can talk to the birds in the park or the squirrels, even the dogs and cats you come across as you walk the streets. Yes even the trees, the more that you do this the stronger your ability to talk to all manner of beings will become. As far as talking to your spirit guides, well that always a good thing to keep doing no matter where you are 🙂
    All the best to you

  9. Hi Coryelle,

    Yesterday, our dear sweet Colten left his physical body. He is SO beautiful and with pure heart. His human family is deeply saddened (my b-i-l and sister). I’ve been a seeker of Truth for a long time and an advocate for many… on many levels. Sometimes it feels best to outsource when the situation is very close to me. Sometimes, I am the outsource even if the situation is close.
    I volunteer at the DHN and worked with 2 animal communicators on his behalf. Do you feel that it’ can be confusing to him with all three of us checking in on him ? Or distracting to him ? I intend for him to feel comfortable and at ease…without concern for the coming and going, etc..
    That sounds odd to write, when I feel like we’re in parallel connected worlds and he’s right here as I type.

    Thank you for BEing who you are, Coryelle.
    ~Peace to you~ Ann Marie aka Aunt Annie to Colten

  10. Thank you Coryelle for this whole website,info and ease of understanding the abilities available to us seem to be! I am really moved to go forward with your advice and very plain suggestions to the world of communicating! I look so much to running with this!! I will be contacting you soon for personal work and fine tuning my path!! ……….C

  11. You’re very welcome Chris, that’s fantastic to hear I wish you everything wonderful on your journey of communication. I’m happy to help you whenever you need.
    All the best

  12. Hi Jordan, I have several rabbit clients, and yes all the tips that are in this post will work on all animals, including the hoppers. 🙂

  13. Hi Coryelle,

    Your guidance feels “right on”…authentically spoken through the heart..

    Thank you for sharing…

  14. It worked! I have been practicing for just over a year now and I am having full on conversations with my cat and dog! It makes live a lot easier for me and them when we can communicate

  15. Could you possibly ask an animal to do something for you. Say, if I asked my rat to climb on my shoulder would it do so?



  16. Hi Windy, Nothing is guaranteed, and it comes down to free will (animals have free will too). It’s how you ask and how you approach them. First, it’s important to begin to realize the terms you use when you talk to or about animals. They are telepathic and can hear what we think. So I would begin by using “he” or “she” and not “it” as you did in your question. I’m saying this not embarrass you but rather to show you the small things you can do to begin to gain mutual respect from the animals. No one likes to be called an It and animals are no exception.
    Then I would ask nicely and if your rat feels like this is something they are comfortable doing then HE or SHE will. But it’s always their choice.

  17. Fantastic Kamale, When it’s remember that we are in a relationship with our animals and as with all relationships in our lives, communication is the key. Then, as you discovered, when we begin communicating with them our lives with them become so much more enriching. Thanks for commenting. All the very best! Coryelle

  18. Hi Ann Marie, Thank you, that’s always what I try to send out, it’s always with the heart. I’m glad that it feels right to you. Have a beautiful day

  19. Hello Coryelle,
    I am trying more lately to connect and understand and provide peace to my animal family that live in my home. Most home animal friends are provided wonderful lives. But Something else – how to begin…..what about the understanding, love and compassion and empathy the animals NEED facing slaughter. Some days I feel I can no longer exist knowing and feeling with the horror they are going thru. The mistreatment of all the species that humans want to consume, train, experiment on, tease, torture. the animal mothers that have their babies taken away. Knowing what goes on, the pain inside me can be unbearable. Just imagine their suffering. I try to send positive energy to give their souls peace.
    Myself and others, need your insight on this.

  20. Hi Jan,
    When I was younger and talking to the animals I felt the same way that you described, I felt terrible every day and overwhelmed by sadness at the idea of what the animals were going through. Being an empath, made it especially hard because I felt much they did. Years later I was doing a workshop at Spring Farm in Utica NY and I was talking the a llama named Gulliver, Gulliver was very very wise he was the being who taught me how to do long distance non face to face communications. I brought this question to Gulliver, “How can I stand by and let animals be hurt, mistreated and killed? How what can I do to stop all of that?” Gulliver replied “Nothing, there is nothing you can do to stop all of it, so stop even thinking about trying”. I was stunned! I also knew that the communication was NOT being made up because what I heard was the last thing that would have been on my mind to say if I was making it up.

    Gulliver continued
    “What you are doing when you take on every animal’s pain is your are closing off any and all communication with us, you think that you are being open and helpful, but you are helping no one, not the animal and certainly not you. We don’t want you to feel sorry for us; we need you at the moment; to send us thoughts of love, beauty, healing light and peace. We don’t want you to take on our pain, that’s not the way to stop or change it, they way to change it is with love, shower the animal, shower the person with love. Live your life as someone who respects animals and the sacrifices they make for you. We don’t want to be mistreated, but we also know that there is much expansion as a being when you go through the most contrast in life. We make our peace with what is knowing that the next time we come back we will be MORE.”
    He went on to say
    “You may eat and use our bodies, many of us came her just for that, we only ask that whatever you use, you bless and thank the beings who gave it to you for their sacrifice. Bless and thank your food every time you eat, your clothes, your homes, everything. That is all we want is to be thanked for what we have given to you. Don’t take on our pain, your work as an animal communicator is too important, and you will not be able to do it if you do.”

    I thanked Gulliver for in that moment he had changed my life forever and had taken the outlook that had held me back and caused me pain for as long as I could remember away. So today I thank all my food (yes I eat meat), I bless my home, I thank my clothes. And when I see a truck with animals I send and hold space for them, I send them nothing but love, healing light and appreciation for what they are doing and the life path’s they have chosen. For I believe every single being on this planet is equal as the creators of their own lives, meaning they somehow chose it. Does not excuse what is done, but I can’t fight pain with pain, I choose to fight it with the most powerful force in the Universe….Love.

    Find a way to take your power back in those situations, you can use what Gulliver taught me if it resonates with you, but find a way, the animals taught me that the last thing life should be is unbearable. They LIVE, really live in a nanosecond they live a lifetime.

    My insights maybe hard for some to understand, but they are mine, and they’ve allowed me to become the best person I could every hope to be.

    I send you dear Jan and all who need it love & light

  21. Hello, I was wondering if you talk to the animals normally out loud? Or do you talk in your mind? Sorry if that sounds weird… I am 16 and I’m really interested I’m trying to learn to communicate with my pets. I love them to bits! I have a labrador and a rabbit. I want to know why my rabbit is so distant. He hides under my bed all the time unless I have food. He’s a house rabbit and I would like to make him feel more comfortable around me 🙂

  22. Hi Sara, What a wonderful question! I actually do both. To make it more fun for my human clients who want me to talk with their animals I speak out load (otherwise it can be a little boring for them 🙂 )
    Many times when I speak with the animals it is using telepathy and not words. Have a wonderful day!

  23. Hi Coryelle! Your website is so beautiful. I wanted to say that your comment about what Gulliver said resonated with me deeply. About a month ago I had something happen when I was asleep. I don’t believe it was a dream, it was as if I was in real- awake time. I felt and heard and could feel everything around me just as if I was awake! I was taken to many different animals who were on the verge of death, yet couldn’t pass over for one reason or another. At each animal, they all just wanted to tell their story. I provided a loving ear for each animal, who’s bodies were all in despicable conditions (hit by car and left, infected and swollen, being kept alive at a vet’s office, etc). After they all told me their stories, I believe that I was holding a loving space for them to feel comforted to pass on. That’s when they would let go, and my dad (he happened to also be there in this) would do something to allow their physical body to pass.
    I woke up feeling soooo heavy! Because I felt every last thing each and every animal was going through at their last moment. This heaviness stayed with me for a while until I realized they were here with soo much love.
    What Gulliver said is exactly what I realized! Many are here, “willingly” going through these experiences for the growth of all of us. There is so much love in that. And I also realized how important it was to thank those who give their lives this time, for others to have a meal.
    This comment is long and I’m sorry! I just feel like I should share. :). My dog eats a raw meat diet, I myself am vegetarian. I can always *feel* whenever I purchase food for him that had a harsh ending, one in suffering or one that passed smoothly. I noticed too when I give thanks especially to those who ended in suffering (before I give it to my dog), the suffering energy is immediately replaced by a profound lightness!

    I’ll end this here, but my point is, you had a beautiful moment with Gulliver and thank you soo much for sharing it. It solidified my feelings and realizations for me. I hope to increase my ability to communicate with animals and I think what you do is beautiful.

    <3 Much love,

  24. Thank you Maya, I’m so happy that the communications I got from Gulliver helped confirm that your decisions were the right ones. Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing.
    With joy,

  25. Wow Coryelle. The communication you had with Gulliver really struck me!
    I have been confused all my life as to what to do with my life. In high school I wanted to be a vet or marine mammologist; but I simply didn’t pursue because of health reasons and the guilt of leaving my family to go to college (I come from a very overprotective Italian family). So I stayed in town and became an interior designer. I hated everyday. So I left the career to work as a vet tech. It was very rewarding but something wasn’t right. So I had to go back to design to make a living.
    Yesterday, I saw the video of Anna Breytenbach communicating with the panther and I burst into tears and got a feeling that that is what I was put on this Earth to do. So now I’m researching and trying to find out as much info as possible on how to become an animal communicator. Of course I’ve come across so many skeptics, but your website and your particular encounter with Gulliver really inspired me. Thank you!
    Have you had formal training or just practice? Any books to recommend?
    Thank you! 🙂

  26. And Maya, I’ve always struggled with the fact that animals nowadays go through awful things in order to become food; back in the day, the cows lived happily on farms, but now the conditions in which they live in and the hormones that they’re injected with, really bothers me.
    So your story about thanking them for their sacrifice just so I could have a meal, is a HUGE lift off my shoulders and it has changed my life, truly. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Hi Giovanna, I know that video well from Anna Breytenbach and it makes me cry too 🙂
    I’m certified in animal communication and have been doing it since I was a child. It gives me more joy than I can ever fully put into words.
    If you are interested I will Animal Communication level 1 certification class in March, if you’re interested you can find it here
    Living From Spirit University

  28. for those of you that ‘thank’ the animals for their sacrifice. Please consider this…horses, pigs,chickens, cows, ducks, the list is endless regarding these beautiful, innocent souls that are murdered every second of every day, for food, fur, organs, lab experiment testing, fun, entertainment, and sport. They are not walking willingly into these situations. If you visit a slaughter house (not allowed) or see them in animal transport trucks or other ‘movie horror’ environments, you can Feel and see their Fright. You can Feel and see their Fright. The cry of babies and mothers being seperated forever from each other is a horrible, horrible, heart wrenching thing to see. If they walk so willingly to their plight, why do they scream, run and try to escape, which many cows and others have actually done and now live comfortably in sanctuaries. They are forced by the hands of humans. No animal walks willingly into ‘the room’ to hang themselves on a hook or ask to have the gun bolt shot into their brain. I realize All souls have paths to take in life.
    It is sad that suffering still exists. We should all join our energies to end all horrific deeds of many. Peace and love to all the animals on this earth.

  29. Hi Jan, I certainly can understand where you’re coming from. In fact if you read my post you will understand that I WAS where you are coming from. I was not implying that the mistreatment of animals is in any way be OK. What I have personally come to realize is that coming from a stance of ONLY seeing what you described was not serving neither the animals or myself, and that the communications that I was receiving from them told me something other than what I THOUGHT to be the one and only truth. For me I had to honor what I was getting and come to a place where I had to accept what I was receiving from the animals. It took me a long time but I finally let my old mentally go and when I did I gained more deeper insights from them. One of which was the honoring of the sacrifices that they had made. It is sad when any being suffers and it’s not something I want to be a part of this world. But I think that for those of us how choose to thank the animals for what they have given to us are energetically doing something other than feeling powerless and helpless. Many blessings to you.

  30. Jan, in my comment I mentioned the heaviness that I felt from the animals in the time of their departure. I thought my comment was clear.
    When I mention they are “willingly” taking these paths, I do mean on a higher level. In my opinion, each of us are here for experiences. I will go far enough to say that we predetermine the path we will take before we incarnate on earth, in order to experience a certain thing.. Or to provide a certain kind of experience to another being (also predetermined by them). I believe these SOULS willingly take on these incarnations for one reason or another. Maybe to provide awareness of these kinda of actions one being imparts over another? Maybe to help steer the earth in a certain direction? There can be many possibilities. Of course, there are hardships to go through once on the planet. “Hardships” can be interchangeable with “experiences.”

  31. I found these tips very helpful when communicating with my horse. Finding out about his past has helped build our relationship. I can tell that our trust is getting stronger. If there is anything else that might help me learn more about him I would really appreciate it. Otherwise, thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!

  32. Additionally, there was a pony that shared the pasture with my horse. He and Cooper(my horse) were very close. Pepe (the pony) was older and getting sick. After he passed, Cooper became deeply depressed and stopped acting like his normal playful and loving self. Your tips helped me get Cooper through that rough patch. Today he shares a pasture with Reddy, a spunkier, but still kind pony. I am hoping to eventually be able to communicate with Pepe. I was wondering if you thought that Pepe could communicate to Cooper or not.

  33. Hi Hannah, I’m so happy to hear that the tips helped you and Cooper have a stronger relationship, they are so simple yet so powerful and as you have proven they can really help your animal friends if the time for it ever comes. I love that you were able to help Cooper through his rough patch and that he’s doing better because of your talking with him.

    Animals don’t see “death” (what I and they call transitioning) they see it like energy moving from one place to another, so yes, Copper sees and talks to Pepe just like he did when his energy was on this place.

    Thank you for letting me know that my post helped you and Cooper. Love to you both!

  34. Great tips and wonderfully deep words by Gulliver! I’m practicing and do find that practice improves the accuracy like you say. Sometimes if I’m tired it seems to have an effect on the accuracy but I guess that is just because the connection isn’t as strong. Keep up the good work Coryelle x

  35. So I have a couple of questions about telepathy with animals. For one, I feel like I’m seeing a lot of “dialogue” within your communications with animals but I’m wondering how it is that you can receive messages from animals that are in words and sentences since animals don’t appear to ever use human languages. Also I am wondering, can one use telepathy communication with wild animals encountered out in Nature such as a bear?

  36. Those are great questions Emily! The answers to your first question is this telepathy is the latin word for “feelings across a distance” which means that one beings ends another being their feelings or thoughts, (usually in for the form of images) to another being who then processes and interprets what is being expressed through their native language. It’s the same way that a person who doesn’t speak your native tongue can relay to you their feelings and thoughts. You are processing what they are trying to say to you through your own native tongue. When I talk to and animal (no matter where they come from I take what they are saying to me and process it through my internal dictionary and then in turn translate it into my native tongue which is english. It’s more of a “knowing” of what they are trying to say than it is a “hearing”. This is why I can talk to any animal (wild or domesticated) no matter where they come from. Telepathy is a form of universal translation.

    For your second question what I wrote above works for any animal no matter if they are wild or not, it actually one energy being talking to another and because of that it also works for any being no matter if they are animal, plant or tree or human.

    Thanks for asking, your questions were awesome!

  37. Everyone says “meditate” – but I can’t! Haven’t been able to for years. I wind u with racing thoughts and images. Having a great imagination, I know I’m liable to “make up” communications base don what I already think I know. What on earth can I do? I have 8 cats and they all love attention….

  38. What you describe is very common Storm, the racing mind. It’s why I made a meditation that’s especially for beginner’s or those who want an alternative way of meditation, you can find it in my shop. Don’t get discouraged it might be that spoken meditations are the best way for you to start and then later (when you get used to it) you can do your meditating in quiet, but use the audio meditations as a way in right now to quieting your mind 😉

  39. Telepathy is easy, I do it all the time. I find it better to take a course from a teacher. I have gotten pretty good at it. I figure that animals brains and our brains are really the same.

  40. Hi Cap, Telepathy is easy yes, for some since it’s natural gift all are born with and if they don’t stop using it, but there are some who are challenged because they did stop and they have to re-train their minds, and spirits back into it. But you’re right for many re-learning from someone is better and it makes it easier, and that’s fantastic you’re doing that I wish you all the very best with it. As far as the brains, to me I’ve learned it’s more about energy connecting with other energy, many animals have much wisdom to share; a simple, enlightened, complexity to life that always leaves me in awe, their brains are different from ours (not less than, just different) they are more connected than some people they live a more spiritual life than some people do. So stay neutral and open to whatever comes and what comes will keep blowing you away, I know it has for me. All the best!

  41. Hi Coryelle,
    I would love to start practicing, but I am stuck. I am not sure quite how to see my animals as my equals—is that shallow?! <=|! Can I get a tip on how to really connect with my animal and think of them as my equal?

  42. Hi, I wouldn’t say shallow as limiting and that’s why you’re “stuck”. communication is simply one being connecting to another, try to get out of your head you’re talking to anything else except a living breathing being. Good luck

  43. It’s easy when you get out of your own way Cap_ten, not everyone can do it and yes that’s why I offer my 1 on 1 classes to help people get to the place where you are and find it easy. it’s true there is no difference however humans tend to make the complicated out of simplicity and animals thrive on taking the complicated out.

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