Charlie K. California

“A few months back, as I was listening occasionally to Coast to Coast on KGO Radio after 4 am on my drive to work, I heard George introduce this medium who has a unique ability to talk to animals.  Upon listening to the callers being taken on the radio, it piqued my interest on how this person was answering their questions and getting them answers that would not have been possible without her knowledge of the pet’s inner thoughts.

I contacted Coryelle and with her assistance set up our sessions to help one of my dogs that was not eating well, and was just not the same after my wife, her close companion had passed away.  With Coryelle’s help, she was able to communicate with my dog, provided remedies for the dog and now, my dog eats better, has gained back her weight, goes outside more often with our other dog, is now a constant greeter when I arrive home, and is much more assured of herself as I notice more her tail is wagging upright instead of down below her hind legs………much thanks to Coryelle.”