A Sacred Journey: Introducing a New Pet Into The Home

Bringing a new animal into your household can be a wonderful and exciting time for everyone, the experience can be thrilling and joy filled. But it can also be a source of problems and stress for everyone, but especially for the animals you already have.

So, when I recently added a new addition to MY family and the transition went smoothly, I thought that I would share what I did.

  • #1  Communication Is KEY…Talk To Your Pet BEFORE Bringing Home Their New Friend.

Months before the new animal entered our lives, I had approach the subject with Sam my cat. I asked Him if he wanted a playmate. Using the technique in my Animal Communication Meditation, I opened up a connection with Sam. I asked him would he like a friend? Would a boy to girl be better? What age would work best for him? I asked as him the same information that I asked myself so that I could find the right playmate for Sam and I. I also wanted to make sure that I included him in the entire process with the intention that if I got a “No” then I would accept his answer and honor his decision, and broach it again at a little later date. This new animal would after all be Sam’s playmate, his friend, as well as mine and I believe that it’s important that everyone be on the same page when making an important decision such as this. So, I asked Sam and he said “Yes, I would like a playmate, but now is not the right time, but soon”. I honored what I received and left the subject opened for a later date. The point is that I asked him and included his feelings into this decision, and whether they are human or animal, all beings what to be heard and feel like what they feel matters.

  • #2  Trust When It Feels Right…You’ll Know It!

Cut to a few months later, December 2010. I had been checking in with Sam periodically to see how things were progressing also being aware of how I felt and truthfully I also did not feel quite ready to have another pet so everything seemed to be unfolding nicely. Then one day I just knew, I didn’t over think it, I just felt like it was the right time to start looking. I checked in with Sam and he told me “Go for it!” So I began to check the Petfinders website for local shelters in my area it just felt so right to do it, there was no doubt, where the day before I HAD doubt, there were just this strong feeling that the time was right and with Sam’s “Go for it” blessing I knew things would be unfolding nicely.

Then I saw this photo….

Sally ~ Sacred

And I fell in LOVE and KNEW that she was the ONE and I even had her named pop into me head….. “Sacred”. I was so drawn to her that I ran got Sam and brought him to the computer, once more connected to him and I heard clear as a bell “Yup…that’s her”. I found she was about 45 minutes away and I called and made an appointment to go see her the next day, and then I began to prepare both Sam and me for the major change that was coming our way.

  • #3  Some Things You Can Do To Support BOTH Of You During This Time Of Change.

This is a great time to contact an Animal Communicator before you bring your new animal friend home, just to make sure so that you know everyone is on the same page and that opinions and feelings are totally being expressed and heard. Here’s a secret Animal Communicators have to sometimes call other communicators in to talk our pets, and that is just what I did. I called fellow Animal Communicator and friend Janet Roper. Janet is a wonderful Communicator and I love and respect her readings completely. I called her to double check that I reading Sam 100% correctly and to see if there may be anything else he needed to let me know that I might have missed. Once I got that confirmation, I started to do what I could to support us both during this time.

Flower Essences: these are natural and help to alleviate negative behaviors, and help to restore their natural sense of balanced Well-Being. I’m a certified Flower Therapist and I’ve been working with them for years and ADORE THEM.

Here were the ones I used WALNUT, VINE and HOLLY. I put them into Sam’s water changing it out every few hours to make sure that he was getting the most effective potency….AND I made sure to take some myself! Walnut is the major Change essence, Vine is for over-dominance, and Holly is for jealousy. This was all before she even came to the house. I kept using the same combo during the next 7 days.

  • #4  Make Peace With This Fact….There WILL Be Fighting.

Then Sam told me something that really helped me understand some things. He said “Just make sure that you know there WILL be fighting, BUT what looks like fighting to YOU may sometimes be us working out the dominance in the household” then went on to said, brilliantly “So please, let us work it out.” To me, that made so much sense, with my last 2 cats, in the beginning I was constantly running to break up the fight I would also always usually pick the “culprit” who started it (notice I said PICK, not see or find). I MADE one of the cats out to be the bad guy when it could have been them just working out simple things like “this is my place to sleep”, or  “that’s blanket” I many times assumed that one cat was attacking the other. What this did was to bring about tension in my other 2 cats relationship that lasted for years, they never truly bonded and became friends.

So this time I made up my mind it was going to be different. I would let them work out whatever they needed to I would make peace with the fact that sometimes the fur may be flying..BUT I told Sam if it EVER felt uncomfortable to me I would step in and end it. He agreed and this turned out to be the BEST thing I could have done for all of us. And yes, there were times that I kept myself for stepping in, and from doing the leave her alone….must protect!! knee jerk reaction of the past. And  many times I’d find out a little later that they were really only playing or that Sam was not being mean he was simply teaching her to slow down for a second and listen to her big brother. And yes, I absolutely did step in when it became too much for me BUT I stayed neutral as I did it. Meaning I would clap my hands and say “HEY!” loudly which broke them up but did not always put the blame on Sam and sometime I found out later that if I had I would have been wrong. Was I always neutral..no sometimes I did find the culprit for the action and let them know that I didn’t like it one darn bit, but many times I did stay out of it.

Staying neutral also feels better to you…it doesn’t bring in disappointment over every single action that you think is not right. It keeps your vibrations, your energy and your thoughts on one thing… stepping in when necessary but I honoring your animal’s instinctual way of doing things.

  • The End Results

They say a picture tells a thousand words so I’ll just let them do the talking..

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 7

Day 10

1 Month

As you can see the results were dramatic. I wrote updates every day for 20 days on my facebook profile.

Our Sacred Journey started when she came into our lives on December 23rd 2010, and we’re so happy that she’s here with us. This experience for me has been a wonderful tale (no pun intended..ok maybe a little) of unfolding, allowing and joy, we could not have picked a better animal for both of us. Sacred, Sam & I wish the exact same experience for you.