Quote Of The Day – I AM

I AM,The most powerful words you can say.

Words, they have more power than we give them credit for, words can hurt, they can create, and the can heal. We use them so often we forget all that, and we also forget, that it’s in words where magic truly lies. For with every word you speak you are creating; you are creating your day, your moment, your life, you are creating your self image, and through that comes either happiness or pain.

No words are more powerful than I AM.

Because how you see yourself, is how you see life. If you see yourself as ugly then so is life to you, if you see yourself as handsome or beautiful then you see the beauty life has to offer.

It’s just that simple, it’s your choice how you use those 2 small words, but the power that it brings you either way can knock the strongest man to his knees.