Message from Cecil the Lion


I thought my first communication since moving to New Mexico should be with Cecil the Lion. I was asked by a client to connect to him and see what his perceptive was on the entire incident and things that have been happening in the world since.

Every Animal Communicator is different and because of this many times our messages can be either similar or they can be very different, some may have gotten something similar to this communication and some vastly different, I can only stand behind the message that I received knowing in my heart it came from this incredibly loving and majestic being.

When I connect to an animal especially when they are one who has transitioned in such a dramatic and traumatic way, I try to separate out my feelings from whatever happened as much as possible, in order to hear their messages as clearly as possible. I heard a little about what happened but I don’t watch the news so I don’t know the full story and I find that for me that helps me to stay in a more neutral stance so that the communication that came from Cecil was more pure to me, more completely from him. His message that I received may surprise some of you, may anger some of you, but I hope that it resonates with the majority of you. I know when a communication for me is pure, it’s when it goes against what I think it would be or what I believe it should be. I hope that Cecil’s message helps someone to find peace in a heart wrenching act, I know that it did for me.


Cecil’s message

Good morning, I want to thank Coryelle; for giving me this outlet so that I can share my message with all of you. Let me begin by saying, I feel all of your pain and frustration, I see all your anger and your rage, I hear your cries and your tears as they fall, and I feel your love, and I am honored that you would express such raw and intense emotion for one being, and I thank you. I lived my life as I promised the Oneness (what animals call God/Goddess/Universe) I would, this life that I had, the time that I had there was meant to bring about a immense change into the world, in order to do that I knew that my transition was going to be monumental and powerful. I chose to be the catalyst for change, and as you know change is not always easy sometimes in order for change to occur the earth must shake and the winds must blow and the water must rage violently. For this change that I was meant to be a part of was not small but rather earth shattering.

I knew that I was to be a leader in a mindset that needed to redevelop into something positive, my soul made the agreement that I would be this leader even before I came into my body. I will not lie and say I wasn’t afraid (not many face their death who aren’t) but what gave me peace was that my death would MEAN something, would be the tsunami of positive thoughts and acts. Everyone including the man who took my life had a part to play in this energetic chain reaction, everyone (whether conscious or unconscious) played the role they promised to play when our souls made the contract together in the place of nonphysical beingness (heaven). The PHYSICAL part of the men and women who brought about my death will suffer, however it’s important to know that their souls (their the God parts of them) will not, they will become more, expand, grow and thrive so when they come back to this world this experience will make them better beings. Their souls had nothing to do with the acts the bodies perpetrated, their souls are and always will be good.

Yes, I left this earth in violence and I know that it had to happen, but no, that does not mean that I believe act of how I left this Earth to be right. I left this world this way, so that hopefully no one else need to, I don’t condone violence no matter if it’s for a “good” cause or a a”bad” one. Don’t let my transitioning become the tool for violence that will counter act all that I have done. Instead change the laws, help my fellow animals protect themselves, walk with us equally and show that we are just the same as people, with thoughts, and feelings, and hopes and dreams. For the change that is being brought about is NOT in seeing people as less than or better than animals, it’s seeing all of us as the same, no matter if we have 4 legs, wings, scales, antenna or skin.

My wish for all of you? Be in peace in your heart for I am at peace in my soul, remember me and why I did what I did, let that blossom in your heart and touch your soul and ignite your passion in this life, let it fuel your creativity, and your mind, bringing about new ways of seeing this world and the beings in it. That is all I ask of my brothers & sisters.

With Unending Love,