Crystal Guide: Malachite

The crystal people have been calling a lot to me recently, letting me know that it’s time to do periodic posts on them and connections they bring to this world.
So, not being one to turn down a request when it comes from the metaphysical, here is the first of hopefully many “Crystal Connection” posts.

Malachite stepped forward first and it’s a crystal that I work with a lot in fact I keep 2 pieces of it on my desk one to hold my Azurite and the other to hold my pendulums in. It is the stone of the heart chakra and of intense healing, is channels the energies of protection and clearing, it’s a wonderful stone to help shield you from the energies of those who leech off of others. Because it works with the heart it’s a stone that helps you achieve and expand your personal power as a co-creator of your life. It brings in abundance and helpful things to aid in those experiences that mean the most to you, especially in your life’s purpose. It’s a crystal that will help you to “follow your heart or your bliss” to those places in your life that bring you joy.

Malachite Crystal info