THE ANIMAL DYNAMICS®: Personality Archetypes for Animals

Rule Breaker

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Why does one dog race for the door when company comes over, while another watches warily from the corner? Why does one cat love being stroked, while another won’t let you near her? And is there anything you can do about it? Yes!

Animal communication expert Coryelle Kramer has identified personality archetypes for animals, called Animal Dynamics™, that are transforming relationships between animals and their humans.

Just like humans, animals each have their own distinct personality types. Some are shy, some are outgoing; some besiege you constantly, some seem to live in a world of their own. Each has their own Animal Dynamic, and just as with humans, the way you interact with them can have a huge impact on their wellbeing and on your relationship with them.

There are six main Animal Dynamics:

  • The Direct & Demanding/Guardian Archetype
  • The Rule Breaker/Innovator Archetype
  • The Energetic/Empathic Archetype
  • The Sensory/Pacifist Archetype
  • The Shifter/Chameleon Archetype
  • And the Transcendent/Zen Master Archetype

An animal’s personality can be made up of one or more of the Dynamics, which can be combined in multitudes of ways that exactly describe their personality. Once an animal’s Dynamic is identified, you can understand them better and interact with them on a deeper and more meaningful level. Different words, tones, touches, and toys can work wonders on different Dynamics.

“My cat Toby used to wake me up every morning at 6:00 AM, wanting breakfast and playtime. It drove me crazy. Once I realized he was a Direct & Demanding dynamic, I understood what he really wanted, and now I can sleep until my alarm goes off!”

“Living with a scaredy-dog was a challenge. Everything seemed to upset her. When I understood that she was an Energetic, I was able to change the way I approached her and change her environment, and she is now calm and happy.”

Every animal, from cats and dogs to horses, birds, and even goats, & reptiles has a Dynamic. 

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