3-28-16  Osho Zen deck

Your Tarot Cards For the Week Of 3-28-16

3-28-16 Osho Zen cards


Here are your cards for the upcoming week, choose the one that most resonates with you and then see if it’s message of guidance fits for you.


“The Miser”

This week be careful about being too careful. The Miser signals that you’re holding on too tightly to something in your life; and it’s keeping whatever your holding on too from manifesting MORE in your life. When you hold on to something it’s generally because you don’t trust that it will either come back to you or that you’ll get “lucky enough” to get more of it, this puts you in the mindset of lack (where you’re more aware of not having something or losing it than you are in trusting and knowing that whatever is will be there or manifest anytime you wish it). The Miser is asking where in your life are you holding on? Where are in the mindset of fear of loss than trust and faith? Like the figure in the card, you’re looking in the wrong direction, you’re pointing towards what WAS instead of what WILL be. The more you hold on it something the more it seems to slip through your fingers, and like a pipe that is clogged this puts you into the manifestational holding pattern. So to get out of it, take a moment and focus on what you DO have, focus on right in your life, focus on the friends you have, the people who love you, the animals who chose you,  focus what you bring to this world, focus on anything that eases your mind that soothes your soul, that unclenches your metaphysical hand around whatever you’re afraid to lose. Then feel the tension around whatever it is ease (even if it’s just a little bit) and keep doing it until your back in your flow of trust and knowing once more.


“Clinging To The Past”

Something happened that’s put you in the path of the past, where you’re now living. Visiting the past is not a bad thing, but living in it is. What was happened for a reason, you may not like it, it may not have turned out the way YOU think it should, the outcome may have been less than stellar but it happened for a reason. You need to let the past go and stop living in the forest of should have, would have and could have, stop talking about what was over and over again, start talking about what you want to be or what is. When you cling to the past you box yourself in, you limit yourself to what could be because you’re comparing it to what has been, it’s time to let the past go, because in the much bigger picture of your life you need to ask yourself “how important is it? Stop exaggerating about it, glorifying it, it’s over whatever it was did it’s job…it made you more, better, changed, transformed, wiser, you grew because of it, it’s been incorporated into who you are right now so let it go.



Ah control! Seems like you can never have enough of it. You’re wrestling with the controls of your life feeling like things are either out of it or in a place where there’s not enough of it because you’re trying to run the whole show. Here’s the thing about control, it’s a lie. You can guide, you can help another to feel and see the world in a different way but you can’t control them because ultimately it’s up to THEM how they see their lives and the world. What you need to concentrate on this week is less controlling and more trusting, trust that all is well, trust that God/Goddess/Universe/Source has your back, trust that other people can take care of themselves (without your help), trust that things are working out exactly as they should, trust that events are unfolding to bring you those things that you’ve been asking for, trust in yourself and your capable abilities, trust that there is nothing you can’t overcome, trust that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, trust that your are worthy enough to have whatever it is that you were trying to control so that you don’t have the need to control it but rather to allow it to come to be. Control is a myth, YOU’RE the creator of your life, yore working WITH the Universe to create the life you want and you’re either allowing those things in or your not but you’re not control anything. So this week do all you can to allow and stop trying to control the uncontrollable, whatever that may be.


Have a lovely week!




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