4-4-16 deck

Your Oracle Cards For the Week Of 4-4-16



4-4-16 oracle cards


“The Water Fairy”
Feelings and emotions will be strong this week, use them to navigate through your days because both are tied to your intuition, your inner knowing and they will show you the way to the things that feel right toy and help you make the decisions that come your way this week. Don’t hold in how you feel, if something doesn’t sit right with you acknowledge that, say what you feel and you will mean what you say, speak with your heart not with your head this will bring a clarity to your week like never before.


“High Priestess”
Either you will be coming into contact with a powerful woman this week or else you are about to embark on a journey of coming into your own power. If it’s the first than trust her knowledge that she has something to teach you to help you to grow and become more, this person might not necessarily be friendly but some of the best grow we do is through adversity. Stay open to the opportunities she brings; for you will learn a special and important message through her actions or words. If it’s the latter then you’re about to realize your power as a being and step into without hesitation, without doubt and fully live as you should.


“The Deer”
Become aware of how you’re treating others and yourself this week, for this week the way to maneuver through your days will be with gentleness and diplomacy. It’s time to step back a little and not be as heavy handed as you have been is previous days. There’s a times when it’s good to be the hammer and then there’s time when it’s good to be the feather. Become aware of where you are being each this week for you may have to switch the roles in order to get the results that you would like. Also be aware of how you treat yourself this week as well, for if we are not gentle with ourselves how can we expect others to be gentle with us.



Blessings for a beautiful week everyone!


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