3-7-16 deck

Your Oracle Cards For the Week Of 3-7-16

3-7-16 cards


This week the Ascended Masters are calling which means that whomever you choose will also be your guide for the week too, work with them by introducing yourself to them.

Use them and their guidance and messages to make your week amazing.

At then end of the week you may want to keep them as your guide for a while longer.

Find out as much as you can about them, make your connection to them strong by learning about who they are, their culture, where they come from, and their life. And don’t forget to record the message and guidance that the will be giving to you.


“St. Francis: Follow Your Heart”

Your heart is calling to you and now it’s time that you listen to it and heed the guidance that resides there. When you follow your heart you are living as you were MEANT to, not in the realm of the tangible but in the realm of emotions, intuition, connection of inner knowing. Follow your heart to what you KNOW is right for you, let it guide you, show you, trust in it, do all you can to keep the mind from stepping in and on to your heart’s desires. Soothe yourself when the mind comes in and tells you that you should listen to it and not your heart. You will be asked to be brave this week, to allow your courageous heart to lead you where you need to go and do what you need to do. St. Francis is about trusting in those things you can’t always see but you can always feel, but only if you choose to, he went through quite a bit in his life and came out the other side by being guided by love, love of animals, of God and ultimately of self.


“Paravati: Positive Change”
Paravati the mother to the elephant God Ganesha
Change is inevitable it is a part of life, you can’t stop it, you can’t keep it from coming, the only thing you can do is accept it, allow it, embrace it, and own it. This week positive changes are coming your way, they might not always feel like they are positive in the beginning (because we can be so resistant to change) but they are positive none the less. These changes might push you beyond your zone of comfort but some of the most painful changes bloom into the most proudly beautiful experiences.
Paravati will be here to help you, and support you through them. Let go of your procrastination your need for things to be perfect and just right, forget about looking before you leap just go! Enjoy the ride to the changes and the expansion that comes after it. Paravati can also be here to let you know that there is a coming of positive changes for your spiritual growth. Let her guide you to it.


“Paul the Venetian: Artistic expression”

It’s time for you to get creative. To show off the artist within, you don’t have to paint or sculpt to be an artist, you can be a artist with your thoughts, coming up with creative project for your life and your business. Paul is here to let you know that now is a ripe time for creating, that the ideas, the energy and the manifestations of it will flow to you easily this week and into the weeks to come. When we are creating it is the closest to being with, communicating to and feeling God/Universe/Goddess energy, it is the energy that created worlds we feel tapped in, in the zone, in the flow, turned on, happy and tuned in. USE that creative energy that is within you, take a look at something that might now be currently working and take a step back, ask Paul to help you and then try to see it from another creative angle. Ask yourself  how can I see this differently? How can I make this better? Maybe the answer is simply to do the opposite of what you are currently attempting to do, that’s getting creative. Every being has an artist within them, they speak to you soul, some would call it intuition but it’s the Creator/God Force within you. this week tap into that incredibly powerful tool for the answers that you seek and the things you wish to achieve and watch as the Universe moves mountains to help you obtain it.


Have a beautiful week!



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