3-21-16 Gaia Oracle deck

Your Oracle Cards For the Week Of 3-21-16


I’ve been getting feedback lately that the card pulls are appreciated and enjoyed, it’s wonderful to know that they are.

3-21-16 Gaia Oracle cards


This week’s card are from the “Gaia Oracle” deck. Choose your card using your inner knowing, which one draws your eye? Which card image resonates with you the most? Then read the message it has for you for the week.

“Tree Of Life”

The tree of life tells of a very fruitful and exciting week ahead of you. Filled with creating, ideas, new projects and magical manifestations, with such things occurring it marks also that your mindset has moved (or is about to move) into a more positive one. For you cannot manifest such things without being in an open and receptive state of belief. So keep it up! Ride your positive mindset to those things you know that you can achieve, allow the creating to flow from the Divine Ones to you. If something (or someone) seems to be diverting you to anything less release it for now and get back into your positivity. The tree of life is also about fertility and destiny, so those things that you been asking for for your highest good? They’re coming to pass, coming into being. All you have to do is get out of the way and you do that by staying in a receptive mindset.



This card denotes 2 things first, that the past may come to call for you this week. the thing about the past is that’s not bad to visit once in a while, just don’t make plans to stay longer than is necessary. The past could be in the form of someone you haven’t seen in a while, a fried, family member or associate. Use the remembrances as a wonderful tool to bring into focus how far you’ve come, and not how far you may have left to go, allow the feelings and emotions the past brings into view wash over you and through you, don’t let them drag you under. The second  possible meaning to this card is that you will gain a remembrance of who you truly are, you may be on the verge of transforming into another level of your own personal Divinity, when we remember who we are we step into our power as a worthy child of God/Goddess, this could bring up some intense feelings and emotions as well, and instead of letting them wash over you, let them rise within you, nurture them, feel them, remember them. Let go of who you were and step fully into who you are meant to be.


“Purification (Fire)”

This week is about stripping down your life, your relationships, your actions to the bare essentials. They’ve become cluttered and stagnant go back to basics with them. Only the most important aspects of them should be taken into account, if an action doesn’t feel right when you do it, don’t do it! If it seems as if you’re apologizing for every little thing, stop apologizing. Words that don’t mean anything are wasted energy, wasted actions and add to the clutter that your life has energetically become. Fire burns bright, it’s naked, it’s raw, use the element of fire to cut through the clutter crap. The purification card also talks of speaking your truth, and of wholeness. So this week state what you want, clearly and without apologies or excuses or demands for all of those things are wasted actions. You will find the wholeness your seek through the fire of clarity, honesty, aligned thought and actions and most important through release of those things that do not serve your highest good.



Now go! And have a fantastic week!



2 Responses to Your Oracle Cards For the Week Of 3-21-16

  1. Janet Busvek March 22, 2016 at 2:06 am #

    I absolutely look forward to your Oracle Cards every week. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with all of us.

    Blessings, Janet

  2. Coryelle Kramer March 22, 2016 at 12:11 pm #

    You’re welcome, and thank you Janet for letting me know that you’re enjoying them. <3

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