Wisdom Of Avalon cards

Your cards for the week of 8-9-15

8-9-15 Wisdom Of Avalon cards

Hello! The cards this week are special, they’re the first one’s to be pulled since my move to beautiful New Mexico.

They are from the “Wisdom of Avalon” deck by Colette Baron Reid.

Choose the card that most resonates with you and read you message and guidance for the week below, using your intuition you love seeing how right on it can be.

I had 2 cards resonate with me this week The High Priestess and Death (please do not be afraid of this card it can simply mean change)

“The High Priestess”

She is letting you know that you are about to come into your power, so own it, be it, live it, and make no apologies for it. Don’t be afraid of your gifts they are God and Goddess given, so there is nothing to fear. Whether it is clairvoyance, clairaudience, Prophecy, intuition, visions, channeling or a ability to excel at things like art or some of other form of creation, or other abilities you posses it’s time to OWN them, use them, don’t fear them, crank them up to 100! She also signals that different types of messages from a source you’ve never connected with before will be coming in very soon it could be angels, animals, ethereal beings, even beings from other worlds or dimensions, no matter who they are, The High Priestess is letting you know you’re ready. Even if you don’t believe you are, trust in HER. She’s coming through for a reason. She also could be letting you know that messages and guidance you’ve been asking for are coming through, so in that case connection to your guides, to the Universe, to nature, or to Divinity itself may in order. Just as in any relationship, in order for it to thrive you MUST have communication, you can’t expect your guides to come through clearly with the messages that you need to hear if you’re too busy in your mind to hear them. So download a few good meditations, and find a time once a say to be still and connect and open your heart and mind to the guidance that is coming through.


“Death” (there is not death only a changing of energy)

This card out of all the cards scares people the most. There is nothing more seemingly final, than it, more vast, more unknown than death. But if you think about it death is a changing; a shifting if you will, of energy, from one place to another. Death is change, transformation, renewal, rebirth, the letting go of the old and enabling and allowing in the new, and celebration of a life that was so that you can allow in the life that can be and IS. There will be a a lot of this words that I just wrote for you this week, change, change and more change. The trick is not to be afraid of it, but to embrace it, for nothing can stay the same, even the heaviest rock will eventually change from the weather that beats upon it. There will be a leaving behind of an old part of you to allow in a new more integrated part of who you are meant to be. Because of free will you always have a choice: either embrace the change that upon you and let it take you gently where you need to be, or fight it and the change that would have felt like ripples will feel like white water and instead of riding it you’ll feel as although you’re being banged up against the rocks. No matter what you choose, make your peace with your decision for sometimes that kind of violent movement is needed and reaps the most intense benefit by bringing the change that you were fighting and that you will ultimately surrender to on faster, but it is always your choice. Death is nothing to fear it is something that we do on a daily basis, as we sleep our skin cells die so that new skin can replace it in the morning, old habits of thought and beliefs get challenged and replaced with new more progressive ones. The changing of energy is all around you and inside of you, allow in the releasing of the old, become the being that comes out of the chrysalis, for you are no longer the caterpillar you are the butterfly spread your wings and fly with death.



There is nothing to fear but fear itself. How incredibly true that is! Fear is something that we come across every single day, but if you took a moment and looked at fear you will see that all of it are very old stories that we have been telling ourselves over and over. As with any story it can be rewritten, that doesn’t mean fear shouldn’t exist, you need it when you feel danger or ambivalence, but those are healthy fears. They keep you safe and whole, it’s when we use fear to keep ourselves format he life we should be living, or being with the people we should be with, or when we use it to keep ourselves down (either saying we’re not good enough, smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough, handsome enough). Those are unhealthy, detrimental fears made up of old stories). This week your fears will be coming to light, be brave of heart for if is stick with it you will shed light on them and see them for what they truly are…untruths. You are upon a shift where in order to step into your next phase of self you need to honestly look at your fears so that you can release them. The Universe has been calling and now is the time for you to stand up and step up but you can’t do that if you are still living with the old fear that is keeping you back. You will be asked to look those things mindsets, beliefs, goals, dreams, desires and see where fear has wormed it way into them and then it’s up to you to make the decision to live with them, change them or let them go entirely. Call on your guides or protectors to help you with the tough ones, they are just waiting to help you whenever you need them. Remember the only real fear is when we don’t live the life we want, when we aren’t being true to ourselves, when we hold ourselves back from who we truly our, a worthy, loved child of the Universe where that knowledge like a kevlar vest and let it shine through and then watch the unreal fears hightail it run from the light of that truth.


I hope your week is as magnificent as you are.

With love,



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